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5/5/2019 by Bob

Great job to the ezTaxReturn peeps! Everything went smoothly and easily!

5/5/2019 by Roger

Such an easy site to use! I tried other tax prep sites but they just didn't cut it. Thanks EZ!

5/6/2019 by AL

Totally satisfied! Thanks!

5/6/2019 by Janet

As always, just as advertised. EZ!

5/7/2019 by Richie Wagner

Excellent service especially Matthew Leder!!

5/7/2019 by Deirdre cook

I have used Eztax return for years and have never had a problem. I have referred your company to many of my friends. See ya next year.

5/7/2019 by Delilah

I have been using it for seven years and it's been great I will continue to use it until something better pops up which I highly doubt . I do refer you to everyone and I will continue to refer to my friends and family.

5/7/2019 by Doris

really liked how easy it was to do my taxes BUT IT SAID FREE TILL I WENT TO FILED MY FEDERAL AND STATE TAXES THEN IT CHARGED ME TO FILE MY STATE TAXES. I so hate these double standards and will try a different tax return again next year. So misleading telling you it could have it free and then charge for the other half of your taxes. NOT HAPPY. AS I have read the IRS is trying to put a stop to this miss information. Cost should be right up front not when you get done with all the paperwork

5/7/2019 by Nan M.

i am unable to print my entire return. i can only get the last part that says my refund amount. i need it for a mortgage application.

5/7/2019 by Ted Wallace

Outstanding service, and I have been very satisfied with their service.

5/7/2019 by Harry

I have been using EZTaxReturn for the past five years. Their program makes the process of filling tax returns stress less and easy to complete. I have recommended your service to several friends.

5/8/2019 by Joseph G. Hemm

This was my 2nd time I have used eztax service I really enjoy their friendly, and efficient way of doing taxes. I am looking forward to 2020...

5/8/2019 by Kyle C

ezTaxReturn did a great job for me. It was very easy and spelled out. I was able to do most of it on my cell phone and it went very quickly. I got a great refund and am very happy with ezTaxReturn! They were also extremely inexpensive!

5/8/2019 by D.Z

3rd time this year, I have filed my taxes with ezTaxReturn. I enjoy their easy-straight-forward service, and fair prices.

5/8/2019 by S.B.

Excellent service. It as truly easy and painless, thank you.

5/8/2019 by Don Keigh

ezTaxReturn was EZ for me and my wife. Thank you!

5/8/2019 by Alfred Morisey

Excellent service. Easy to follow guidelines

5/9/2019 by Michele Ensign

You make filing taxes really simple. I help everyone in my family file their taxes, and we love because it saves us a lot of time, work, and money.

5/10/2019 by Jimmy L.

Used ezTaxReturn for the 5th year. Very pleased.

5/10/2019 by Doris karras

Perfect easy to use have used this since 2012

5/11/2019 by Carol

Very easy and fast return

5/11/2019 by Dinah

I had been using a tax prep company but didn't need one this year because of the new larger standard deduction. I had planned to just do my taxes myself and mail them in. After gathering the info and starting on my own I decided the new instructions were confusing and wanted to e-file when I realized it could take a month or more to get my refund by mail. I checked out EZ tax return and was very pleased with being able to just follow their prompts and fill in the blanks. I also got my refunds very quickly for both federal and state. I plan to use them again next year.

5/11/2019 by Taxpayer

Always a simple and quick experience with EZtaxreturn

5/11/2019 by Woubbie

Helped my son with his taxes and this product is the best I've used. I won't name names, but I've used 2 other well known companies and they were real ripoffs. it was a relief to get his taxes done right, without feeling extorted. I'll be using this for my own taxes next year.

5/11/2019 by J & T Salwasser

I havent heard anything from the IRS or the state So Im guessing thats a good thing. EZ was extremley convenient, easy to use, there when I need help..So far I would recommend them for sure. Price was right!

5/11/2019 by Lujuana

Not bad. Just waiting now.

5/11/2019 by Janice

I've been using EZTaxReturn for years. The one time the gov't contacted me with questions about my return, EZ was very helpful and solved the problem.

5/11/2019 by Sharon

Very easy to follow and had a quick return!

5/11/2019 by Wilson

Very easy, simple and peace of mind with good outcome!

5/11/2019 by R

Simple and straightforward process

5/11/2019 by Janice O.

I was reluctant at first to do it myself. But my life is much more simple now and my accountant was going to charge me the same high price as usual, so I had to try this first. It was very easy, straight forward, had clarifications for each item. I was done in 30 minutes and I was so happy with myself for saving $400. The state return for $20 was the best bargain I've ever gotten on doing my taxes. Everything went smoothly and I couldn't have had a better experience doing this. I'll be back next year!

5/11/2019 by Joyce Blay

Thanks so much for providing me with a stress-free and easy-to-follow tax preparation experience. I was so relieved to find that instead of owing taxes, I got nearly $1,200 in federal and state refunds.

5/11/2019 by Bob

This was my first time filing taxes and ezTaxReturn was very helpful with figuring out which answer to pick. Thank you for explaining the criteria so well

5/11/2019 by Deborah

This year was the first time I did my taxes myself, so I was apprehensive about doing my taxes online, but I wouldn't use any other tax filing program. It was so easy because the program went through each step as I filled in the required information. There was no guess work on what was needed. On top of that, my refund was in my bank much less time that I was expecting!

5/11/2019 by John S.

This was my first time using this service. I stumbled about trying to understand the system which took some time for me, at 84 yrs old. The worse part was filling in the 1099 forms. There has to be a better way since the IRS has all that data already! I had an overpayment. Your software would NOT allow the option to direct the overpayment to next years form. So, the IRS had to write a check to me which undoubtedly cost a lot more than the check amount.

5/12/2019 by Rthieuk

Very good way to file taxes. It definitely was easy. I would definitely use this again to file taxes. Easy and step by step. It did not take me much time either. I recommend using this site to file taxes.

5/12/2019 by Joe

Quick and easy. Great experience! Thank you!

5/12/2019 by J.k

I appreciated the ease filling out this year's return. Thank you exTaxRETURN!

5/12/2019 by Bob

this was very easy to use online instead of mailing in your form

5/12/2019 by D. reed

Excellent way to do your own taxes...easy, efficient & effective. Will definitely use this again.

5/12/2019 by Cathy

I like the fact you have been around for 20 years. Filing was safe and easy and affordable! Thank you

5/12/2019 by Paul Jebb

Very happy with this service. I don't mind paying to file a state tax return, I just don't want to be gouged (previous provider -TaxAct). There were also quick personal responses to my email queries. Loved that! Keep up the good work.

5/12/2019 by Pamela M

This was my first time filing my taxes alone. I was scared I would make a mistake which I did but EzTaxReturn helped me via email. I am so happy I came across this website. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your help and peace of mind.

5/12/2019 by Vicki

Very easy - will definitely use it again next year !

5/12/2019 by Jim Laria

First time user this year. Fast and easy (kudos to the new tax laws - thank you POTUS!) See you again next year!

5/12/2019 by Diana

It was sooo fast and easy, it made my head spin. I have used H & R and others and it took for ever

5/13/2019 by KJ

Very easy to use this tax filing program. For some reason it couldn't do my state taxes, but with the federal info all set down that was still pretty easy.

5/13/2019 by Joe Terravecchia

Very easy to use this tax filing program. For some reason it couldn't do my state taxes, but with the federal info all set down that was still pretty easy.

5/13/2019 by Heidi

No matter what I seem to do with the health care section, for the last two year's I've had to send the IRS a form 8952 (I think that's the number). I have no idea if that insurance information includes not only medical, but dental and vision as well. Other than that, I love the service!

5/13/2019 by Kim

Helpful, professional and very quick.

5/13/2019 by Jeannette

Very easy to use. Helpful when you have a question. Would recommend this site to everyone.

5/14/2019 by Stephanie

I have used "eSmart Free File," and " Free File." I hated both of these as they were confusing and poorly designed. This year I used "" which I found to be very user-friendly and logically designed. I had no problem understanding what I was being asked each step of the way and the final steps were clear, unlike the other free efile software programs I had previously used. Also, my return was processed quickly and I received my refund faster than I expected. I highly recommend this free file

5/14/2019 by Sina Sea

everything is perfectly fine...appreciate the service and excellent....

5/14/2019 by Debra

Very easy to use and everything was easy to understand

5/14/2019 by Paulette G

We've figured our own taxes for years. Using this program this year, I found we had been doing qualified dividends wrong. We got a refund for tax year 2018 and I filed revised returns for tax years 2015-2017! The program is very easy to use.

5/14/2019 by Charlene S

Have used your service for several years. Easy to use and and price is right.

5/15/2019 by Roger Pipkin

I have used ezTaxReturn for years and I have had no problems even though my tax situation has changed frequently. ezTaxReturn has always had the answers I needed when I was filling out my forms and the process has never been easier. And the price is right as well! Thanks ezTaxReturn. I'm a customer for life...

5/17/2019 by Ron Gunia

Finally able to get away from Turbo Tax - they insist on playing games with their pricing. Please, always be up front with your pricing.

5/20/2019 by O

Easy to use and much more up front about pricing than Turbo Tax!!!

5/27/2019 by Bettyrae Jordan

This was my first time using it. It was wonderful. So quick and easy.

6/10/2019 by Ghanahyam Patel

Very easy.

6/10/2019 by Art Davis

Very easy to get thru. Makes filing, for this old guy, quick, thorough and accurate.

6/17/2019 by Jeffry Buck

Very thorough and straight forward. A great help to seniors with a relatively uncomplicated return.

6/18/2019 by Eric Evans

The format is easy to follow and thorough. It is very user friendly for senior citizens, like me, who have an uncomplicated tax return.

6/22/2019 by Justin Barbosa

This program is awesome, been doing my taxes with them for like 5 years now and it's quick unless the IRS is backed up but you're a great team, great program, thank you guys keep up the great job your doing.

6/23/2019 by James Terry & Brenda Roberts

Simple tax form for us.

6/23/2019 by Ed Langan


6/24/2019 by Steven Stewart

Very easy and fast to complete especially the second year if there are minimal changes.

6/24/2019 by Telicia

It was easy, right to the point, and quick. I will be using ezTaxReturn for my 2019 taxes.

6/24/2019 by Ray Bauer

Quite simple and quickly done.

6/23/2019 by Larry

Site is very easy to use and direct questions easy to understand. Took less than a half hour to complete both state and federal taxes.

6/23/2019 by Lois Swanbeck

Easy to use. Very clear directions.

6/24/2019 by Jerry King

Third year using it. Simple, fast and accurate. Will continue to be a customer for years to come.

6/23/2019 by Anne

Very easy!

6/24/2019 by Claudette Coleman

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. It is easy to use and if I ever had questions or concerns, their customer relations were very good. The price is reasonable to process a return. I would highly recommend them to others.

6/24/2019 by Salima Davis

This site is very efficient and very reliable I've been using this site since 2015. My daughter referred me to this site. Very easy, self-explanatory, it saves all your information from years back if you need it you can go back to retain all information. I like this site and I will continue to use it.

6/24/2019 by Frank Gaide

Have used ezTaxReturn for three years running. Great experience. Easy to navigate. And the BEST customer sevice!! Thank You, EZ,,,,

6/24/2019 by Robin Harris


6/24/2019 by Alan Knobbe

Have used ezTaxReturn for years and have always found it easy to use and very accurate. With all the tax law changes the last few years correctly did my federal and state returns again which was very satisfying and eliminated a lot of stress.

6/24/2019 by Jean

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years and am very happy with it. A great way to get your taxes done.

6/24/2019 by Harold Van Slyke

We have used eztax return for the last 6 years, and are very satisfied with it. Very user friendly and up to date on tax laws. Especially like that they keep our information from year to year, in case we need to access past returns when not at our home base.

6/24/2019 by Karla Holmes

Have been using ezTaxReturn for the past few years. I love how easy it is. I will continue using it for years to come.

6/24/2019 by James Barger

Although my tax returns have been relatively simple the past few years, ezTaxReturn usually finds the hidden calculations that I would probably miss. Thanks for your help. My refunds generally are very prompt after the IRS sees that I have used your accounting software.

6/24/2019 by Willy

Easy, fast,professional, everything you want when it comes to your taxes.

6/24/2019 by Pete Vilinsky

Easier than paint by numbers! Quick. Walks you through it. Then is click, send, refund!

6/24/2019 by Duane R. McKirgan Sr

We have been using ezTaxReturn for many years now - and will continue to use it for many more. My tax returns have gone from complicated to easy, and I've never had a problem.

6/24/2019 by BarbarA

So easy to use and quick responses to questions. The tips newsletters are full of tax saving tips.

6/25/2019 by Lloyd Lambert

I've used EZTAX for the last ten or so years. I wouldn't trade it for any other even a CPA. They answer any questions I have promptly and accurately.

6/25/2019 by Troy A. Holman

I give thanks for the ezTaxReturn process. It is quick, yet thorough. From filing, to automatic deposit, I am free and clear to carry on without mental burden. A relief for sure.

6/25/2019 by Cleveland L

Great service. Fast Efficient reliable. Great way to save and process your Tax return.

6/25/2019 by Ronald Coleman

Did my Taxes, sent my refund, so easy ! Hope I have the same success next year.

6/25/2019 by Christiane

I've used this company for almost 10 years and I am very pleased with the service. The platform is well-designed and the rates are reasonable.????

6/25/2019 by Terris Muhammad

Excellent user interface pages throughout the website making it easy to enter information and process the return. All the necessary forms are filled in, printed, and filed with the IRS with the click of a button. Highly recommend this service.

6/25/2019 by Lisa

The easiest to use and inexpensive! I will use every year!

6/25/2019 by Vicky B.

I have been using ezTaxReturn for many years now. It is so easy to use and I highly recommend them. As always many thanks to the ezTaxReturn team.

6/25/2019 by Michelle

I've used ezTaxReturn for a number of years now, through multiple state returns to a myriad of income sources. Each time it is clear, easy, and quick to use.

6/25/2019 by Rob

Have been with EzTax for several years ... each year was quick and easy --- THANKS !!!!

6/25/2019 by Lori

I have used ezTaxReturn for years and I have been extremely satisfied every year. It is always up to date with the most recent tax laws and provides fast, professional support with any question I had. Most of all it is fast and easy, eliminating all the stress out of doing my taxes. Thank you for your service! :)

6/25/2019 by Jean

I find this site very easy to use.

6/25/2019 by MPF

I've been using for 10 years. It's very easy and user friendly so stop paying someone to do your taxes when you can do it yourself! They have audit protection, too. Great service.

6/25/2019 by Eugene Bunts


6/25/2019 by Alegna

I found ezTaxReturn to be efficient and thorough. I had and have no complaints . Great job.

6/25/2019 by Lorraine Nappa

Excellent, easy, I have been using ezTaxReturn for years never ever had a problem. Love it.

6/25/2019 by Roberta

Love Eztax return! Having been using them for years . It is just what the name is, easy. Haven't had not one problem with them. You get your money right away when you file with them and that is a plus. I will file with them as long as I work. It is very very reasonable.

6/25/2019 by Sandra Burris

Easy to use. Inexpensive. You can easily return to your unfinished return to complete it.

6/25/2019 by Jeff Hoffman

Been using them for years. Quick, easy, affordable. Will continue to utilize them.

6/25/2019 by Keith

There are no "simple" returns if you try to complete the forms manually. EZ Tax makes it simple. Because of my input error, a return was rejected. I was surprised to learn that EZ Tax refiled the return no charge after I corrected the error. I am very satisfied with the service.

6/25/2019 by Howard & Virginia Morton

Social Security and Veteran's Benefit make up our income besides modest IRA savings. Thanks to EZ, we received refund of all withheld taxes.

6/25/2019 by Anita

I used this for the first time last year. I had a little trouble at the end and they went above and beyond to help me!!! I was very satisfied and will use it again!!!

6/25/2019 by Stan

No problems for the several years of using EZ TAX. The charge is a little high, but it is quick and easy from home. We all like easy. ad of income sources. Each time it is clear, easy, and quick to use.

6/25/2019 by Daphnea

This is my second year using exTaxReturn and I love it! It was easy for me to use and I'm not tech savvy at al.

6/25/2019 by Hugo R.

Have used ezTaxReturn for going on a decade. They make taxes easy, safely store the data so the next return can be populated faster, guide you through the process and if one does have a question are quick to respond. recommend them highly.

6/25/2019 by James Workman

Excellent tax service...what would make it better would be if they had state income tax service for Oklahoma.

6/25/2019 by Cherly A


6/25/2019 by Harry

Works very well. Only complaint is with interaction with state tax organization (PA). Three years in a row, state refund has been severely delayed because the electronic filing only LISTS withholding amounts, but doesn't include copies of the documents showing the details. We have had to submit copies of documents to get our refunds - months late!!

6/25/2019 by John Koontz

EZ tax is easy and great people.

6/25/2019 by Donna W.

I've used ezTaxReturn for several years, and I find it EZ to use and inexpensive. Great service!

6/25/2019 by Fatima

Easy and reliable, quick refund. Very reasonable costs. I will refer to anyone. Love the guidance through the filing. Awesome site for tax filings.

6/25/2019 by Starkey

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. I don't believe there is a more simpler program available. Highly recommend.

6/25/2019 by Bob

Excellent, easy to use, I have been using ezTaxReturn for years never ever had a problem.

6/25/2019 by Raymond and Carolyn Smith

Filing our taxes was very easy. Thank you very much! I believe this was the 3rd time we've used EZ. We will again.

6/25/2019 by Sherry

The Eziest way to do taxes. I've used a competitor & done them manually. This has been my go to for several years now. Quick refunds!

6/25/2019 by Brian

Inexpensive. Easy to use. Been using this for the past 3 years and never have had a problem. I'll continue to use it next year.

6/25/2019 by Oscar Rios

Easy to use and accurate.

6/25/2019 by Jennifer S.

Year after year we get the best possible tax return. Website is easy to use. Awesome inexpensive e filing of completed return. I recommend you guys to my adult children every year.

6/26/2019 by Rebecca L Leal

I'm retired now, but I worked for 31 years for the IRS and I wouldn't trust just anyone to do my taxes. For years I did them myself until I had my first seizure and I didn't feel comfortable doing them on my own. So I did some research and saw on the IRS website ezTaxReturn and I started filling with them. I've now been with them for several years and I totally trust them. My son, and several friends use them because I've told them I totally trust to do my taxes. Plus they keep copies of my past taxes.

6/26/2019 by Ruth

EZ tax return didn't line up to Virginia tax rate. I had to pay a small additional fee later in the year.

6/26/2019 by TomofNville

Eztaxreturn is fairly simple to use. Some of the instructions are a bit unclear and the help desk can be foggy. I give it four stars because it is not that easy to edit.

6/26/2019 by Janet

As always, just as promised. EZ!

6/26/2019 by Debra Nugent

I have been using this company for many years now and it is so easy and quick. Now my husband and I are both using them.

6/26/2019 by Margret

Used for many years. Very easy to do--just follow the questions and fill in the correct information. Filing is also easy. Will be using again next year.

6/26/2019 by Nancy K. Cimino

EZ means easy. I've been using their service for years and quite satisfied.

6/26/2019 by Charles Dietrick

Easy app, prompt live responses to questions I submitted to CSR. Inexpensive, even when return is complex.

6/26/2019 by Cecil R.

Easy and inexpensive service my refund is always on time and sometimes more than I expect.

6/26/2019 by Anna

Been using the service for over 5 years. Easy and fast!

6/26/2019 by Mark Louris

Great service, easy to use even if you have issues with tax document reporting as I did. Highly recommend this service

6/26/2019 by Ken

Have found it to be easily followed and printed out after completion. Always notified about acceptance by IRS and any other responses.

6/26/2019 by T Wisk

I have been using EXTAXRETURN for several years. Easy clear step by step instructions to file my taxes. I like that you can also file your State taxes with all the same forms all at once and do not need to redo everything. My refunds have been fast and the fees are not expensive. Ability to view past filings also A+. Will continue to use.

6/26/2019 by Doris

Very easy to use...have used this for several years and wouldn't do it any other way.

6/26/2019 by Lisa

From when I learned what taxes were all about they were Greek to me! My dad always took care of mine then when I moved out I paid a lot to have someone do them for me. With my funds kind of low I decided to try them on my own with ezTaxReturn and I was extremely satisfied!!

6/26/2019 by Christi Chavez

I have been using ezTaxReturn services for a few years now. The system is very easy to use and cheaper than the other companies.

6/26/2019 by Karen

Been using them for years. Tried to do the state by myself this year and it was rejected. Returned to ezTaxReturn and had my refund within two weeks. I think they're very affordable too.

6/26/2019 by Easter

I am always very pleased with the process of filing my taxes. The prices are also reasonable and the insight is helpful. I always recommend them to others.

6/26/2019 by Anthony Demaio

I've used ezTaxReturn for several years now and find the instructions easy to follow. I did make one mistake on the form, after I had submitted it and people at ezTaxReturn were very helpful in corrected it. I plan on continued use their business.

6/26/2019 by Dan Jones

Fast and easy!

6/26/2019 by Karen Morrison

Have used this service since around 2010--very, very satisfied. Software is quite user friendly, takes into account various scenarios. Very much appreciate discounts. Well worth the price I pay each year to file returns. I highly recommend this service. Simply cannot think of anything about it to dislike. Thank you for a an outstanding job!!

6/26/2019 by The Wades

Very pleased with ezTaxReturn. All previous year's information is very accessible. So EASY to prepare taxes. Thank you.

6/26/2019 by Linda

We have been using ezTaxReturn for years. Using them has made tax time a breeze! All your info is in the system and you just need to update it. No ads or popups! You just do your taxes. I tell everyone who needs to do their taxes to use them. Please don't change you great as is!!

6/26/2019 by Gary Lundholm

Fast and easy.

6/26/2019 by Jackie

Fast, easy and less headache.

6/26/2019 by Joyce Bradley

Amazing! As others have said.... fast and easy! What a relief not to worry if I entered correct information and/ amounts. Step by step you are guided all the way. So reassuring that you know you will be getting the best possible return!!

6/26/2019 by R. Williams

Much easier to use than Intuit Turbo Tax and more reasonably priced. Keep doing what you do to make tax time bearable.

6/26/2019 by Sandra Murphy

I have used this service since 2010. It is easy and they store my previous year data to update for the current tax season. Program is simple to follow. If you make a mistake, it is easy to correct. I'm updated all year long on tax issues.

6/26/2019 by Tracey

Just as they advertise, fast and easy.

6/26/2019 by Rachel

Quick and Easy...cheaper then other said Free Tax Returns sights

6/26/2019 by Bolivar

Excellent service.

6/26/2019 by Oliver

For the "regular" person very easy and quick to use.

6/26/2019 by Judy Fey

I have been using this service for a few years now and love their simplicity of filing. My information has stayed private. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

6/26/2019 by Pam

It truly is EZ. Makes doing taxes a breeze. And we got our refund so quickly. Even my daughter who hates doing that kind of stuff found it refreshingly easy to follow. Highly recommend!

6/26/2019 by eakmkae

Fast, easy and comprehensive.

6/26/2019 by DACO

Been using ezTaxReturn for 8 years or more. The system is easy, assistance is always available, and I've experienced no problems. I also love how easy it is to file the state and federal returns.

6/26/2019 by Louise Saunders

Will use ezTaxReturn next year.

6/26/2019 by Rebeeca.

We have been using ezTaxReturn for several years now and see no reason to use any other service.

6/26/2019 by Jennifer

This is the easiest, fastest site to do your taxes. I use it every year!!!

6/26/2019 by Morgan

Great site/simple to understand and navigate. I will be using them for years to come . Worth every penny, knowing they have your back! Thank you!

6/26/2019 by LISA HOLMES VANCE.

Since I started doing my taxes online with you I have not had any problems. You have been the best and already waiting to assist you if you need help.

6/26/2019 by Basant Lal

Have used ezTaxReturn for a number of years for both Federal and State tax returns. They keep a record of my information and make it very easy to follow the guidelines to complete my tax returns. I would recommend ezTaxReturn to anyone to process their returns quick and easy. Thank you ezTaxReturn for your assistance in completing my returns and I'll continue utilizing your online services for years to come. Thanks.

6/26/2019 by Fred Kirchner

Always have great service and very user friendly.

6/26/2019 by Letetia Hynson

I have been using ezTaxReturn for four years and it's fast, easy and it hasn't failed me since.

6/26/2019 by Terri Sanislo

I've been using ezTaxReturn for about 6 years now. It's so easy to get my taxes done on my own time and without anyone's help. I'll continue to use this program!

6/26/2019 by Sandy Hennessy

I have really enjoyed using this service. They help me whenever I have a problem. So polite and friendly. It is easy to complete my taxes simple and quick.

6/26/2019 by Shirley

Very easy to use, step by step. I'm a senior citizen so appreciate being able to understand and follow directions.

6/26/2019 by Rosemary Fletcher-Jones

Every year that I file my tax returns through ezTaxReturn, I am so thankful and relieved because you have made it so easy and convenient. Thank you so much for being there for taxpayers like me!

6/27/2019 by Melanie Simpson

3rd year using this. Love it!

6/27/2019 by Ghanshyam R Patel

I feel more at ease to prepare my tax return, i.e it is really easy Tax Return. More easy with previous data and getting refund quickly. Thanks.

6/27/2019 by Gadinet

Great service! Fast & easy!

6/27/2019 by Cordell Hawkins

I'm retired and your program helped me with my taxes. Thank you for the guidance in doing my taxes.

6/27/2019 by Robert Dale Woosley

ezTaxReturn is superb at clarifying tax issues which occur in filing personal tax returns. Plus ease in navigating all options and data entry.

6/27/2019 by Ronald Rodriguez

I have successfully used your tax software for a few years now, and I appreciate ezTaxReturn for the quick and easy way of doing my taxes every year. Thank you!

6/27/2019 by Richard

Since my computer was in the shop I decided to see if I could file on my iPhone 7. Instructions were good, process was easy to follow, and return was completed and filed easily using only a smart phone. I will definitely use again and recommend you.

6/27/2019 by Bryan

This is my third year being self-employed and my third year using this and it has been great every year and at a great price!!

6/27/2019 by Mason

100% free, all digital. No scanning papers or sending mail is needed. You just put in the info from your tax return forms and after you're all done, it gives you your exact amount to be sent back to you. With direct deposit, it only took a few weeks for me to get the money. I'll definitely be using this again next year and I'll tell everyone about it. Thank you guys :)

6/27/2019 by Valarie Campbell

I use this service every year to help my retired mother with her taxes. We love it! Easy and fast!

6/27/2019 by Sarah

Easy to use and checked all my info.

6/27/2019 by Nancy Valente

This is the second year I used ezTaxReturn--fast, thorough and as their name implies, easy!

6/27/2019 by Alfred Morisey

Easy to use.

6/27/2019 by James

Quick, easy and accurate. Will continue to use.

6/27/2019 by H. Smith

For years, I had someone prepare my taxes ..... I felt intimidated and never imagined that I would ever do my own taxes ..... thanks to ezTaxReturn, they made the preparation so easy ..... I recommend everybody to use ezTaxReturn . It will definitely save you filing fees and time !!!

6/27/2019 by Jack

Was easy to use, got my refund in three days.

6/27/2019 by Geena

Fast and Simple and very reliable, received a response from IRS promptly. I will definitely use again, as well as inform others of your service.

6/27/2019 by Teresa J.

Program was easy to use and efficient!

6/27/2019 by Lance Asner

Taxes were quick, easy, and efficient. I was very impressed and highly recommend this service.

6/27/2019 by Ms. Mary

I have used this tax software for the last 5 years. Very user friendly. Fast, easy and accurate. Thank you EZtax. God bless you.

6/27/2019 by Willie Dukes


6/27/2019 by Jules in Harrisburg

Free and easy. What's not to like? Step by step instructions and a fast refund. I'm happy.

6/27/2019 by N. Justice

Step by step direction made the process easy so even I could do it. Thank you.

6/27/2019 by Hassan M Hafez

I have used this service for the first time for my 2018 federal tax return. It was simple, easy and a real time saving. I will highly recommend it for anyone who wants fast and accurate filing.

6/27/2019 by mushgetmoney

RELIABLE - quick, easy, and able to print all docs. Used 10 tax years.

6/27/2019 by Kathi Rice

Been using ezTaxReturn for a few years and not thinking of changing. It's easy and it keeps your returns on file for easy access, Also easy to stop and start again. It's EZ!

6/27/2019 by Pat

Fast and easy way to file especially for seniors! Never a problem!

6/27/2019 by Sal

EZ, exactly as it states!!! Thanks for making something so difficult extremely easy!!!

6/27/2019 by Stacey Ellis

Very good service. Website is understandable and easy to use.

6/27/2019 by lan Ambros Morgan

I filed on February 23rd and received my return by direct deposit on February 29th! It was so easy and so fast! I will never file my taxes another way again! THANK YOU!

6/27/2019 by Steve S

Keeps everything organized and simple to follow. Good response om the few questions that did come up. Great Service, thank you!

6/27/2019 by College Student

Quick and easy. Had my refund in less than two weeks!

6/27/2019 by Joseph G.Hamm

I believe it as my third year of availing the service . They really had to have patience with me this year. I had entered some incorrect information...after a third review they mananged to show me my error. Thank you

6/27/2019 by Jacobus Swarts

Absolutely excellent. Never have any issues with this site and the service. Thank you SO much.

6/27/2019 by Keena Mullins

This was my first year doing my taxes myself. I have been paying upwards of $400.00 to get my taxes done every year. I used your service for the first time this year and had a wonderful experience. The application helps you through every step and explains each yearly tax change where applicable. it is Wonderful! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to save money and do their own tax return.

6/27/2019 by Gerald Specht

ezTaxReturn is very easy to use/understand. Very easy for a senior citizen.

6/27/2019 by Jeff Erwin

ezTaxReturn takes the work out of filing. I could do the filing by myself, but why bother? The small cost is worth it!

6/27/2019 by Stephen

Easy instructions, easy prep, easy submission, easy tax return. I recommend them highly.

6/27/2019 by John Reed

I think I have used the service since 2013. Simple. Fast. Simple. You need to be able to take a couple numbers from this sheet and drop them into the right place in the form, so I won't say it's a no-brainer. But you will really need very little of your current brain capacity. Play a mobile game while you are doing your taxes. If you use the app, your phone is going to be on already. EZ, pee zee.

6/27/2019 by Byron

This was the best. I used another popular service for a long time, retired and should have had different costs... they found a way to lure me in for undeserved $ anyway. ezTaxReturn was honest, easy and straightforward. They will be my go to service from now on.

6/27/2019 by Donna

Prepared my federal return for last two years - spot on included all my deductions. From now on will be doing State return also, I did my own and missed a slight change - when I had ezTaxReturn prepare the change was implemented on their version of state return - still waiting to get state refund based on my self prepared return - worth the money for ezTaxReturn to prepare.

6/27/2019 by Sandraritch

I do my taxes through ezTaxReturn every year it is easy it is fast and very helpful.

6/27/2019 by Kenneth E Mateas


6/27/2019 by Mario

The best description of your service is: EASY!!!

6/27/2019 by Walter

I was glad to find a free Federal tax program and a reasonably priced State program. This is a simple tax program and I plan to use it for my 2019 taxes.

6/27/2019 by Heather

The best rate for filing a self employment Tax Return. Also, had the prompts to help you figure out how to file the 1099-T Form and understanding the American Tax Credit , if you qualify, what loans or grants are taxable? Etc. easy to use .

6/27/2019 by Ron Waszk

This year was great, Last year, I didn't see that there are TWO web areas, ONE is a free site, One is a pay site,,, Last year it cost $29 for me to file,, This year free, I was surprised that I was charged, I know it was my fault for not seeing the whole page properly, but the way web sites is was almost like it was hidden and made to trap those to pay.

6/27/2019 by Courtney

Federal tax filing was free and state taxes were reasonably priced. They made the entire process quick and easy.

6/27/2019 by Herbert Tussing

I've been using ezTaxReturn for many years, highly satisfied.

6/27/2019 by C Holt

Thank you for being there and for all your many hours of making ezTaxReturn in sync with the new tax laws. User since 2014.

6/27/2019 by Nancy Easterling

I ran into two computer glitches while doing my return. You guys were SO responsive and helpful in getting them resolved for me. I'm deeply grateful. See you next year.

6/27/2019 by Joseph McCann

Quick and easy. 3rd year, and everything went quickly and smoothly. Returns were very fast.

6/27/2019 by Krista

ezTaxReturn was great. Better than the other ones

6/27/2019 by Mark

Forms are easy to understand and complete.

6/27/2019 by Stephen

Made doing my taxes easy, thanks.

6/27/2019 by Tony

EZTAXRETURN provides an easier, more efficient method for filing my return. I've tried a few other filing companies in previous years. They were all fine. But EZTAXRETURN was just simply better.

6/27/2019 by Shirley Hyman

ezTaxReturn made filing taxes easier and it was free. Thank you.

6/27/2019 by Ryan Easterday

First time in years I did my own and it was very fast, efficient, and simple. And from appearances accurate.

6/27/2019 by George Mathews

What I know now I wish I knew then about eztaxreturn. You are exactly that. I will refer eztaxreturn to people who want their taxes done right. Thank You EZTAXRETURN .You are above average.

6/27/2019 by Audrey M

Excellent, easy to use and reasonably priced. I use ezTaxReturn every year and have for many years.

6/27/2019 by A.S.

I have been using ezTaxReturn for several years. It is free, easy, guides you through the process and remembers your and your dependents info for the following year. No need to type things, that don't change, all over again.

6/27/2019 by Janusz Kaminski

Easy and fast. I'll be back next year

6/28/2019 by Joyce E

TEN stars out of five! I'll be using ezTaxReturn for the rest of my life!

6/28/2019 by Kristi

I have used this 2years in a simple! Thank you for such a good platform! Highly recommended!

6/28/2019 by Jesse Romero

I was 100% satisfied with my EZTaxReturn tax filling experience. It was very user friendly. I referred friends and family.

6/28/2019 by Chhath men

I like EZtaxreturn, it's easy and fast, and it's free. Thank you for letting me file with your program.

6/28/2019 by Walta

Fast and easy. Have used for several years and plan to continue.

6/28/2019 by Colleen

It was such a relief to find your site. How easy it was to file my taxes with your help. Many thanks to you all.

6/28/2019 by JR

Will continue using.

6/28/2019 by Don L. W. Seneca NY

My first time using any online tax service. I sure picked the right one. ezTaxReturn made it soooo easy. Thank you very much. I will be back again. More people should know about you.

6/28/2019 by Eugene McGlynn

Excellent and easy to use.

6/25/2019 by Roger Pipkin

Quick and easy. All the help you may need is right at hand. My refund was in the back in just a week. Will use again next year. Thanks EZTaxReturn!!!

6/25/2019 by Amelia R Mathis

Very Easy.

6/25/2019 by Eunib

Simple and easy.

6/25/2019 by Orace Jordan


6/24/2019 by Linda

ezTaxReturn walks you through step by step. It is very clear and straight forward. I have used this service for many years. I highly recommend this!

6/24/2019 by Guy Southard

Outstanding!! Will use again.

6/28/2019 by Arlene Ramirez

Overall very satisfied.

6/28/2019 by Jeanne

Quick and easy!

6/28/2019 by Wen lee

Very good.

6/28/2019 by Gisele

They were WONDERFUL, will use again !

6/28/2019 by Bryant Maze

Excellent, been using your service for 6 years. No stress, no confusion, Simple to use and well worth the price!!

6/28/2019 by DW

Easy to follow and file. Will use again.

6/29/2019 by Breeanne

Fast and easy! Vey satisfied and will continue using this tax refund service!

6/29/2019 by Thomas Lewis

It was fast and easy!

6/29/2019 by Ray Ehrhardt

As a US citizen living in Canada, I only file a simple return to report my US Pension to the IRS. EZTaxReturn is the only totally FREE tax software that enables me to file online. I've looked at all the rest, and EZTaxReturn is by far THE BEST! Simple and easy. Thank you!

6/30/2019 by Dana Lo

Very clear and straight forward to do my tax return. Will continue to use it next year.

6/30/2019 by Pauli

ezTaxReturn is so easy to use. They walk you through any time-even every time if you want. And so fast too.

6/30/2019 by Fred

Quick and easy. All the help you may need is right at hand. My refund was in the bank in just a week. Will use again next year.

6/30/2019 by KG

Easy to understand. Very satisfied.

7/1/2019 by Mel B

Used two years now and it's great.

7/1/2019 by Rosetta


7/1/2019 by David R.

Used the service for the past couple years and always happy with the ease and speed for processing the return, will continue to use.

7/1/2019 by Maurice G.Price

Along with the new tax laws the return was amazingly easy and fast. My preparation time was reduced to a minimal effort. In prior years I spent hours gathering and listing the information. Up front I chose "all the help I could get" and in spite of the extra time needed to go this way it was still a piece of cake. I have copies of typed pages and my returns go directly to my checking account. I don't have to call my wife for her signature since we sign electronically. I also know when the state and the federal governments approve their returns. NO PROBLEMS!

7/1/2019 by Kathi L

So Easy to use, the instructions are clear. Each page is filled with plain English explanations for each entry. I have used EZ tax return for several years now and Highly recommend it.

7/2/2019 by Jeff

Found this on IRS website, looking to do my taxes at no cost, as my previous tax filing co wanted to start charging after I had used it several times at no cost. I've always filed my own taxes as mine are not that complicated. Filing with ezTaxReturn was a little challenging, but no worse than the other I was using. Even if I had complicated tax filing, I would give it a try.

7/2/2019 by Kathlyn Foster

Anyone could file their own taxes using this program. Easy to follow directions. I am widowed and 72 years old and I had no problems.

7/2/2019 by Ron

Easy, very convenient and fast. The past five years, just satisfaction in my filings.

7/2/2019 by Paulette

Thanks to this program we found we had been handling our dividends wrong. We got a refund for tax year 2019 and also 2015-2017! Thank you!!!!!

7/4/2019 by Veronica

No issues and very fast.

7/5/2019 by M

User friendly. No need to leave the comfort of your home.

7/5/2019 by TM

Thank you, very user friendly application.

7/6/2019 by Joseph Schettig

Excellent except should have known AGI was required and amended is not acceptable. Caused some confusion.

7/7/2019 by Denise

They guided me through the whole process which made it very easy on me. I will definitely use their service again next year.

7/10/2019 by Jimgeno

Have used this tax return for several years. Very satisfied.

7/11/2019 by K M V

I was so glad to know my tax return was FREE, and the process was so very easy!

7/14/2019 by Trent R

It was simple and easy!!! I love them, rather than paying unnecessary fees to these companies ripping people off. It took many years before this was introduced to me by my co worker! I wouldn't change it for the world!!! Thanks

7/21/2019 by Sam

Last year was about the 4th year I used EZT. I was disappointed by the fact that I could not use my email to file a seond return for a very low income relative who only needed 1040EZ for a refund. Also, I would prefer a streamlined form selection process to get to W-2, 1099, Int income. Sch c, etc. Could the major forms be listed on the first menu screen and not have to go thru all the steps. When my return is complete, I would like to go directly to electronic filing page to input bank info for refund. Could these alterations be made for those of us who know what needs to go on our returns and not have to answer the endless questions to make sure everything is covered? Thank you for your consideration

8/6/2019 by J. Wudarski

We've been using ezTaxReturn for at least 7 years. It is fast and easy. Very satisfied and will continue to use it.

8/12/2019 by Tom

Mostly, I have been satisfied with the process. My chief concern is the difficulty I have had going back in the process. It is not easy to correct an error, at least for me. Also, after the subforms are filled, I'd like to be able to see them before completing the return.

8/16/2019 by P.D. Williams

First time user, excellent choice on my part. I will use again for upcoming tax season.

9/24/2019 by Paul Chou

It does not recognize 'HSBC' bank. I sent questions on line and requested to correct it. Never got response back. So I had to switch to a different company to complete my tax return.

9/24/2019 by Terry Lloyd

Simple, Fast, Dependable. No bullcrap, they have no hidden charges, what you see is what you get.

1/17/2020 by Harold Young

Easy to follow and understand! Very satisfied with ezTaxReturn! Will continue using your service this year and years to come!

1/31/2020 by Karen Finley

Have been using ezTaxReturn for 4yrs now, and I'm very satisfied. My federal was free but state was $20 and that is okay. It's super easy and my taxes are done. Don't mind paying the $20. Will continue to use ezTaxReturn.

2/1/2020 by Brandi

Been using ezTaxReturn for years and will continue to. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Its super affordable, effortless, accurate and fast! Thank you for providing a stellar way to do my taxes!

2/12/2020 by Jerry Hinds

It is easy to do the return. I have used it several years now. However I do not remember paying a service fee too. Plus the 39.95 for filing. i believe i only paid the 39.95 before. What is up with that? Next year I will try a free service.

2/27/2020 by Melanie

We love ezTaxReturn!!! It is great to use and they are very helpful if you have a question. It is also very affordable!! We will continue to use ezTaxReturn in the future!!

3/4/2020 by Mary Lou Hughes

So Easy. That sums it up. Took longer to get everything together than it did to fill out the return. Love that I can choose to be guided through the process and they ask all the questions. For many years I worked for a CPA and "did taxes." This was in the 70s before computers made it so easy. Then did my own manually for decades. So nice to just fill in the blank.

3/4/2020 by Barbra Stattman

Great experience.

3/4/2020 by Beth Duncan

Great website, easy steps with guide. Been filing with you for several years now. Quick amd easy electronic deposits. Fastest this year at 14 days! Wow! Thanks again

3/4/2020 by Don H

Have used your service for the past few years and found it the easiest of others I had used in the past.

3/4/2020 by Dee McNeal

I have been using since 2012! Faithfully. They have never let me down. I don't worry about how long it will take or if there are numbers I have to crunch. makes tax season so much better for me. I have recommended them to my whole family and all my friends. Many now use them faithfully now too. I have two sons, one 30, he has used them since he was 25. And now, this year's tax season, my 21yr old will be doing his taxes with them also. Good job guys! And thanks for always giving me the best experience.

3/4/2020 by Sandy H

I have been using this service for a few years. I have never had a problem with doing my taxes. I am pleased with this service completely.

3/4/2020 by Anna

easy and quick, really great SW!

3/4/2020 by Zachary Womack

Quick and easy.

3/4/2020 by Mark

I highly recommend ezTaxReturn. It's so easy to follow prompts and it's nice to have everything printed out for easy access for future reference.

3/5/2020 by C. HOFFMAN


3/5/2020 by Walter J. Witz

I used ezTaxReturn to file my son's federal return. I have had several years experience with TurboTax. I had to request his last year's return from the IRS. This resulted in a delay completing the return. I was able to easily pick up where I left off and file his return, which was accepted by the IRS.

3/5/2020 by Roy B

We have been using this program for about 5 years and have never had an issue.

3/5/2020 by Fred Andrews

The only way to go. I highly recommend them.

3/5/2020 by Gregg

Second year I have used them and I got to say they are fast and easy!

3/5/2020 by Lucia Higgins

Excellent system that guides you thru the process and lets you come back to finish filing. Many thanks.

3/5/2020 by Gary Wiles

This is my 2nd year filing with ezTaxReturn and I love it!!! Step by step instructions and guidance. Super easy and a lot less expensive than an accountant.

3/5/2020 by William Demello

Easy Peasy

3/5/2020 by Mike D.

This year was the first time I have used and everything went smoothly. As a test I prepared a paper return and found that I missed 2 forms that were needed because I misinterpreted the IRS instructions. Very pleased.

3/5/2020 by Karen

I have used ez tax for seversl years and have found it to be an easy way to file my taxes.

3/5/2020 by Gjones

Quick, easy and efficient. Loved the easy to follow prompts.

3/5/2020 by Marianne Marshall

Easy and fast. Great app which helps you all along the way! FREE! Thanks so much!

3/5/2020 by Wallace Wysocki

No hassle, very easy to fill out all forms. Will use ez next year.

3/5/2020 by Elias

I've been using ezTaxReturn for 10 years now ... Great service! Although this time I couldn't use a $5 coupon I got via email ... oh well!

3/5/2020 by Paul James

THANK YOU ezTaxReturn - you saved me $160 and I received my refund in 11 days.!!!

3/5/2020 by Tom

I have always done taxes on my own. I decided to try your service, and was impressed. It was thorough, and stunningly simple to use. For newbies this is the perfect service. For people who do taxes on their own it is a security blanket. I'll be back next year. It's that good.

3/5/2020 by Sharon

Easy to follow; but it never gave me a box to enter the code for the $5.00 discount.

3/5/2020 by William

Been using this service for a few years, seems like a no brainer to me. Fast, easy, and cheap. Will continue to use as long as i have taxes to file.

3/6/2020 by Don K

I was concerned about filling my taxes for tax year 2019. I had many new types of income (documents) to incorporate into my tax return. I wondered if I could actually do the return on my own. Do to the design of the website, the step by step process, not only was I able to complete the return on my own, I found it fairly simple. The bottom line is this, I got it right on the first try, and both the federal and state returns were accepted upon filing them. This is my second year using this product, I highly recommend it.

3/6/2020 by Eddie of Rocklin

It was very easy to maneuver through the entire process.

3/6/2020 by Wade

So easy, will use again next year. All information from last year in system so don't have to re-type.

3/6/2020 by Nancy Ellington

I have been using EZ tax for a few years now and will continue. Excellent service and secure.

3/6/2020 by Marybeth

First time using ezTax. It was quick and easy, I will use them again!

3/6/2020 by MD

Very helpful and easy to complete. Used seven years. Very well pleased.

3/6/2020 by J Love

Quick and easy.

3/6/2020 by Sherry Barbaro

Easy to use. Free for federal and only $19.95 for North Carolina. Second year I have used this service, will be back next year.

3/6/2020 by A.T.

Very clear and easy to use with great result.

3/6/2020 by Marianna

Fast and so easy to use! I will use them next year for sure!

3/6/2020 by DEMETRIA

I have used ezTaxReturn several times and absolutely love it, very simple to use. :)

3/6/2020 by Shirley

Another year, another fast return that is always accepted by the IRS. Thank you ezTax for making a dreaded task as easy as possible, for this senior citizen.

3/6/2020 by Janet

Used for many years, no problems.

3/6/2020 by Hazel Baughn


3/6/2020 by Ronalda

Quick, helpful and very easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Tracy Krieg

Fast accurate and just awesome... 2nd year using this company and WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!

3/6/2020 by Tara Flint

No problems at all!

3/6/2020 by Jean Dig

No comment submitted.

3/6/2020 by Rich

Very fast and easy. First time using this. I will use again next year.

3/6/2020 by Dennis

Very simple and quick process.

3/6/2020 by Janaye Bod

Easy to use. This made completing and filing my taxes fun! I plan to use again next year.

3/6/2020 by Anthony M.

It was easy to do. ezTaxReturn helps you and that makes it faster.

3/6/2020 by Brad

Easy to follow the instructions, but also I found it easy to follow the logic of what's going on. At the end I was confident it was all correct!

3/6/2020 by Debbie

Fast and easy.

3/6/2020 by Albertohc

Excellent app. Have been using for years and am so happy.

3/6/2020 by Tony

Never had a problem.

3/6/2020 by GA

Been using ezTax for many years. Quick, efficient and always on top of the current laws. Thank you.

3/6/2020 by Laurie Dorr

So nice to just answer your questions and be done. The only thing I would change is the list of free state returns that you support. Colorado is not on the list.

3/6/2020 by LATERICE

I have been using this site for 12 years I love it and will never switch.

3/6/2020 by Timothy Richards

Very fast and very easy to use Thank you so much for your program.

3/6/2020 by Dewey Richards

Very easy, best refund possible.

3/6/2020 by Janet Graham

As in year's past, simple, quick and easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Sharonda

I've used ezTax for about 3 years and I'm very happy with this service!!! Also the cost is minimal compared to what most other tax preparers charge!!!

3/6/2020 by Karrie

I have used them for several years. I've never had any problems.

3/6/2020 by E

I have used ezTaxReturn several years now. Their service is very easy to use, there is an option to be guided step-by-step if needed, and there are explanations of terms throughout. I would highly recommend!

3/6/2020 by Sherry H.

The step by step was very easy to use, will use again next year.

3/6/2020 by Brad

I have used them for several years without any issues. Their platform is extensive but easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Alex

Simple, effective and perfect.

3/6/2020 by Judy

Fast and easy and have used the service for 15 years.

3/6/2020 by Betty Nichols

Very easy process, the program explicitly explained everything along the way. I will use again next year.

3/6/2020 by Fred Kirchner

I always get great service and big returns back. Thank you.

3/6/2020 by Ray

Easy to use.

3/6/2020 by John

Easy and quick. And direct deposit meant just filling out the online form, you guys then checked the numbers and then just sat back and waited to be notified of deposit. Liked the guide to answering questions. I plan to use you again. Thank you.

3/6/2020 by Nicole Putman

I have been using your service since 2008 and signed up many family and friends without taking advantage of discounts or anything as far as I'm concerned you are the best.

3/6/2020 by Tina

First time using. Quick & user friendly for the novice filer. Will use again next year.

3/6/2020 by Dennis W

Great, Clear and Easy Tax Filing.

3/6/2020 by Ed Joly

I've used TurboTax for years. I decided to use ezTax and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

3/6/2020 by Judi

I am not a techie and was leery to try this! To my surprise and delight it was fairly easy to understand and complete. Thank you!

3/6/2020 by Danny

Easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Stevieray

Was easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Madeline Paris

Quick and easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Cathy

Very user friendly and am going to help a friend do their taxes.

3/6/2020 by Tim N

I've been using ezTaxReturn for a few years now, and it is extremely easy to use. It doesn't make it a chore like in past years. I was done with my taxes in under 15 minutes, both Fed and State.

3/6/2020 by Elaine

I have used ezTaxReturn for several years now. Their service is very easy to use, there is an option to be guided step-by-step if needed, and there are explanations of terms throughout. I haven't even thought to change to a different company - I highly recommend them!!!

3/6/2020 by Walker

We have been using for over 10 yrs. Easy to use and a fast return.

3/6/2020 by B.J. Montgomeery

I have been using ezTaxReturn for a few years, and I find it to be very easy to use. The step by step program walks you through.

3/6/2020 by Kurt

I've been using them for years. Very easy to use and any questions or options are covered.

3/6/2020 by CM

I've used ezTaxReturn for 3 years and it's the best. The step by step is great. I'll continue to use them and recommend it to my family and friends.

3/6/2020 by Lisa Hokenson

Fast and Easy. Have filed my taxes with ezTaxReturn for the last 3 years and have never been disappointed.

3/6/2020 by Sharon Hall

Filing my taxes with ezTax Return was fast, simple, and free. I received my return within two weeks. I highly recommend this service.

3/6/2020 by Harry

I have used your program for the past 4 years! I must like it. I have had my girlfriend use it now for the past 3 years.

3/6/2020 by Cynthia Chaney

The experience was very good and easy process.

3/6/2020 by D.H.

This program is excellent, and is very easy to use. I've used it for several years. I received my refunds within a week and a half of submitting the information.

3/6/2020 by Hope

This is the second year we have used ezTaxReturn and it couldn't be easier. Instructions are good, the process is simple and our return was processed quickly.

3/6/2020 by Pp

2nd year and so easy. Refund is quick and state taxes also.

3/6/2020 by Diandra B.

My second year using ez tax and it was seamless. Great service and I am recommending this to all of my friends.

3/6/2020 by RLW

Excellent service and easy to use. Highly recommend. I have never had any problems or issues

3/6/2020 by Linda Rowley

This is my first year w/o a CPA...this program was very easy to follow. I will use it again.

3/6/2020 by Ron

GREAT, fast and easy.

3/6/2020 by C Moore

Absolutely easy too use. Thank you.

3/6/2020 by Juan Rosa, Emma Agosto

Been filling for year now and right away I got accepted. Very reliable.

3/6/2020 by S. Toms

Quick, accurate and easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Kish

First time using this service provider. It was fast and easy to use.

3/6/2020 by Michelle Becker

Doing my taxes with you guys was great. I was very satisfied. Thank You.

3/6/2020 by Neal Kramarcy

It went well and when I discovered an error there was someone to contact easily and the problem quickly resolved. I much appreciated that.

3/6/2020 by Connie

Cost me 0 to file but Turbo Tax wanted to charge me half of my return. Thank you ez tax

3/6/2020 by JOHN DANSO


3/6/2020 by Charles Simpson

I have been using Eztaxreturn for years never had any problem has helpful information it's never a stressful situation when doing my taxes

3/6/2020 by Raymond

Senior. First time ever filing on line. Easy, accurate, secure. I'm a believer.

3/6/2020 by N. Wilmes

Went to eztaxreturn from another so called irs approved site and ez is sooo much better. Quick, understandable, and better price on state form. Will use again.

3/6/2020 by Raynard Smith

Never have to give H&R block my money again.

3/6/2020 by LULU

I have been using eztax for five years. This is the best way for me to do my simple tax return. This is not good for a complicated tax return. I had questions last year and they responded immediately. The best.

3/6/2020 by Sandra Eyre

It's a very convenient way to do taxes. If IRS & State want numbers rounded, it would be very cool if site could do it automatically for people, especially us electronic immigrants, who weren't born with cell phones in our hands.

3/6/2020 by Don

Fast, easy, affordable and quick refunds. Excellent tax site.

3/6/2020 by Mike

Quick and easy, got Fed and state refunds in 7 days

3/6/2020 by Lee

I have used this app for the past three years. So easy!

3/6/2020 by E Williams

This an excellent program, it is easy to use. I have used it for four years for my federal and state taxes. I always get my refund within 7-10 days.

3/6/2020 by Ralph Albores

I have been using E-Z tax for quite some time and have always been satisfied.

3/6/2020 by Roger Reynard

Easy to use. Fastest submission.

3/6/2020 by Merry Hiller

This is my 4th year its fast and easy.

3/6/2020 by Clay

Worked for h r block several years. And. Yours is excellent! Very thorough and complete.


My second year to use exTaxReturn and its really great. I only had a problem and had to ask a question concerning how to list the IRA's. It said to edit, as in delete and to add one was later, that was confusing.

3/6/2020 by Phyllis

Easy to use, all questions asked so I knew I didn't miss anything. I received my refund 8 days after submission.

3/6/2020 by Maria Alvarez

Thanks great service easy and fast

3/6/2020 by Jennifer Farber

5 star rating from me! Excellent service! Thank you! Jennifer Farber

3/6/2020 by Rick S.

Have used EZ tax Return for years. It just gets easier and better!

3/6/2020 by C Viers

Was ez, but not free.

3/6/2020 by Fred S


3/6/2020 by Janice

Easiest online service I've ever tried!

3/6/2020 by Easy peasy

3rd year in a row. Too easy!

3/6/2020 by James Coates

The process was so easy and very precise. I love it and will use this service again.

3/6/2020 by Ralph Kramden

Have been using it at least 5 years now. Simple. Straightforward. Easy to use. Relatively quick and very affordable. I love it!

3/6/2020 by Eric

Super easy the is the 3rd year in a row I've used them.

3/6/2020 by Yoshiki Masaki

Easy and quick!

3/6/2020 by James

Perfect Transaction

3/6/2020 by Pat

This is my fifth year of using this tax program. Consistently meets my needs, extremely easy to use and I have easy accessibility to my other years of taxes. I am a fan for life

3/6/2020 by MikiB

My second year was super fast and easy since they already had much info. I'll continue to use this service.

3/6/2020 by Jake

The name says it all. It's super easy.

3/6/2020 by Andrew


3/6/2020 by Jasmine Rainey

Great tax service company! The filing process was easy and everything was fast and efficient!

3/6/2020 by Juan V

Love this program, was easy and a great tool for our situation. I completely recommend it

3/6/2020 by Kory Trebbin

Easy and fast been using this site for 16 years

3/6/2020 by James T. Kimbrell

Easy, fast, excellent!

3/6/2020 by Linore Jackson

This product is easy to use and lets me do my own taxes quickly with (almost) no pain.

3/6/2020 by Randy

Fast easy

3/6/2020 by Willy

Been doing business with u for a lot of years now and have never had a issue of any kind, wish all things in life were this easy.

3/6/2020 by Anita H.

This is my 8th year with ezTaxReturn. They always get me the best refund for both Federal and State Returns.

3/6/2020 by Kenneth Johns

This was the first time using ezTaxReturn. It was fast, easy and user friendly. I'll use it every year.

3/6/2020 by John Janosky Jr

I think this was the fastest Income Tax Claim I have ever filed either electronically or by paper. And I had to start from scratch because my previous Income Tax Preparer wouldn't allow ezTax to scrap information from their service.

3/6/2020 by Chris Coveney

Fast and easy, I've used the service for the past three years and love it!

3/6/2020 by ED

This was my first time with ezTaxReturn but it won't be my last. It was fast and easy.

3/6/2020 by John T

Have been doing my taxes with ezTax for about 8 years or more. I have never had a bad experience doing my taxes. When I have had to ask questions they are great at responding and answering my questions. Will continue to enjoy their services.

3/6/2020 by Kathy

Easy to use

3/6/2020 by Chavee

Wonderful as always

3/6/2020 by Frank E

Been using this quite awhile. Easy and quick. Had to contact a rep for some guidance this year. Very friendly and easy answers to my issues. Great! Thanx and see u next year.

3/6/2020 by Becca

2 years..... Thank you for making it easy

3/6/2020 by Carl M

Fast and simple. Refund was received quickly

3/6/2020 by Kristi

I love doing my taxes with you! So easy and quick! Thanks for being there for me.

3/6/2020 by Harry

Quick n easy!

3/6/2020 by Alice

I'm always amazed at how fast & easy it is & how quickly I receive my refund.

3/6/2020 by Elizabeth

Easy to use and free! Highly recommend.

3/6/2020 by Dave M

This was truly easy and much quicker than anything else I've tried

3/6/2020 by Robert Walser

Got to your website from the IRS free file site. Filling out form was fairly straightforward. But at the end was charged 29.95 when it was supposedly free . Whats up with that. Very misleading

3/6/2020 by Tiffany Seidel

Easy to understand and very efficient.

3/6/2020 by Wendell

Very easy to use!

3/6/2020 by Joyce

I have been using ezTaxReturn for 9 years. It makes filing easy each year because of the storage of my filing records. I always choose the step by step guidance to ensure accuracy.

3/6/2020 by John Devery

Very good.

3/6/2020 by Julie P.

Second year using this service and I couldn't be happier.

3/6/2020 by Lorak

Fast and easy. The filing is especially easy after using ezTaxReturn for years.

3/6/2020 by J Wilson

2nd year using ezTaxReturn. Preparing the return is like the name EZ! Refunds are accurate and quick.

3/6/2020 by Paul Friedman

Great !! Easy to use, everything worked, got it done in 15 minutes.

3/6/2020 by Jane Vann

Just entered all my information it figured everything out for me and easy is the correct word we have filed before so some of our information was already in there I like that they save your returns for a few years and you can look back if you need to will definitely use this again next year got my return fast

3/6/2020 by Ferdinand Wieland

ezTaxReturn is truly the most economical and convenient way to do your taxes-- it is so easy to use and to process! The fast processing and refund by the IRS is a great BONUS! Great Service! Thank you! .

3/6/2020 by Teddy Wallace

Your service has served me well for several years now. A 5 star rating is well deserved. Thank you.

3/6/2020 by Nate G

I have been using this for years. It is a very quick and easy process. I've never had any issues.

3/6/2020 by Elbert

Fast and easy

3/6/2020 by Mary

I have used this company for the last 4 years. I keep coming back because they make filing taxes so much easier. It is very user friendly and they help you along the way.

3/6/2020 by Susan

Easiest way to file your taxes!! Would recommend to everyone!!

3/6/2020 by Ed

Thank you I truly appreciate your service! User-friendly & no surprise fees. A+++

3/6/2020 by Deborah

Very easy to navigate. What I like most is that you keep prior years' income information and all I have to do is plug in new figures.

3/6/2020 by Robert Gallagher

Excellent service very easy to use

3/7/2020 by Bonnie

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years and find it exceptionally easy when they can update my information instantly from the previous year.

3/7/2020 by Jan

Easy Peasy

3/7/2020 by K. Figgins

First time user and am beyond satisfied. Started to see if it would come up with the same as TurboTax before I filed. Not only was it easier and faster it helped me catch a $700 difference. Will never pay for a tax service again. As long as I'm still filing a W2 that is.

3/6/2020 by Sallie

I found this really easy to use! I used TurboTax for over 10 years, not anymore using ezTaxReturn saved me over $50 in fees and about an hours time got my refund very quickly. Have a new long term customer!!

3/7/2020 by Valeria

So easy to do taxes and refund came fast

3/7/2020 by Kevin Burwell

Like you said, fast and easy

3/7/2020 by Rob

Very easy, first time user, won't use anything else from now on!!!!!

3/7/2020 by Angie

I have never filed my own taxes until last year. It was so simple and I love that you are guided through the process. Love this website and plan to always use it in the future.

3/7/2020 by Richard Morgan

Faster return than Turbo Tax. Easy to use template

3/7/2020 by Wild Whipped out Wanda

Easy and quick to use.

3/7/2020 by MM

Quick and easy. Worth every penny.

3/7/2020 by Cathy1953

Easy and thorough. I had two questions and they were answered quickly via email and on my account. Very reasonable and I feel between the program and my preparedness I have accurate and complete returns.

3/7/2020 by Hassan

Trouble free

3/7/2020 by Dominic

I was a TurboTax client . ezTaxReturn was easier to complete and file. Thank for such a great service

3/7/2020 by Alfredo

Great online software to file your taxes for free. Very easy to navigate thru the process and taxes done correctly. Thank you ezTaxReturn

3/7/2020 by Luciana Calvillo

Fast and easy. Love using the app!

3/7/2020 by James Lebo

Been using them for a number of years. Excellent service. I recommend them to everyone!

3/7/2020 by Pietro Shakarian

Excellent service. Fast and easy to use.

3/7/2020 by John O'Connor

Great and easy. You guys were very helpful.

3/7/2020 by William

Been using this service for a few years, seems like a no brainer to me. Fast, easy, and cheap. Will continue to use as long as i have taxes to file.

3/7/2020 by James Starck

Very easy to use. Do you do Amended returns?

3/7/2020 by Lynn Pennington

Program is very clear and easy to follow, which makes doing income taxes seem a lot less threatening!

3/7/2020 by Rhonda B

I've used EZTaxReturn for at least 6 years and have had no problem. My few questions were always answered quickly and clearly. Thanks for making a stressful task very manageable!

3/7/2020 by Dawn

Always fast and easy. I really appreciate your service.

3/7/2020 by GrammaCarla

Super easy! I'm not very computer literate, but is so easy to follow and work with!

3/7/2020 by Chet

Very easy to use. Lots of help as you go along! Fast refund

3/7/2020 by Tvo

Easy to use. Highly recommend, unfortunately this year I have to pay back.

3/7/2020 by D Lindsay

Very easy to fill and submit

3/7/2020 by Darren

Great Service, Fast, Reliable

3/7/2020 by Linda Reneau

Fast and easy!

3/7/2020 by Elmosaad Ali

Easy and simple

3/7/2020 by Ted Riley

Have been using for 7 years, very easy to use helpful and affordable.

3/7/2020 by Martin Timms

Thank you for making the process so easy and stress free.

3/7/2020 by Linda

"Easier than other tax sites. Not free for us, but still cheaper than others. And simple to access tax forms from earlier years. Will continue to use Eztax."

3/7/2020 by Richard

First time online. Went well??

3/7/2020 by Ferd Beer

The very best. Thanks!!

3/7/2020 by Aussama Alazeem

Very helpful as usual

3/7/2020 by Martin Neiman

Easy, painless, & actually free, unlike Turbo Tax's File Free program, which charged me $40 in 2017 (currently in a class-action settlement.)

3/7/2020 by Samuel Bell

We love eztaxreturn. It is simple and easy and walks you through every step. I totally recommend it!

3/7/2020 by Josh

Fast, easy, free. Glad I changed from Turbo

3/7/2020 by Maxine

Ive bern filing with EZ tax return for years! It is fast, very simple and cost a lot less than to e file with other companies. I have referred my whole family and my friends to this site.

3/7/2020 by Deborah W.

Very easy and quick. Thanks.

3/7/2020 by Samsi

Fast Easy and Accurate! Thank you

3/7/2020 by Melissa Banner

Easy to do

3/7/2020 by Mechelle

Best filing service ever!

3/7/2020 by T. Miller

This is my second year using this service and I love it. It is very user friendly and convenient. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

3/7/2020 by Steve Wood

I have been satisfied for many years and will continue to us EZ Tax return. Filling is so easy, fast and secure.

3/7/2020 by Debbie C.

EZ Tax Return has been easy to use, and we have been using it for several years. We feel confident that their online tax services are accurate and fulfill our needs. We always receive our return very quickly as well. We highly recommend their tax filing service.

3/7/2020 by Larry G.

After using Turbo Tax for a number of years, my wife and I found eztTax easier to use and much faster.

3/7/2020 by Terry

So very easy and it takes you through each step of the process with accuracy.

3/7/2020 by Beverly Stewart

Always quick and easy! No complaints at all!

3/7/2020 by Debra

So much better than TurboTax, easy and free!

3/7/2020 by Mark

Ease of use and a good value

3/7/2020 by Leslie

Was easy to navigate. Definitely recommend using

3/7/2020 by Daniel Hodge

I have used EZ for 12 years and plan on using them for many more!! EXCELLENT!!!

3/7/2020 by Phyllis Mithchell

Extremely easy to use. Easy to go back for additions or corrections.

3/7/2020 by Louise C.

"The step by step directions made filing easy and fast. I was actually surprised by how quickly my federal tax refund was credited to my bank account."

3/7/2020 by Roy M

Easy to use and free!

3/7/2020 by Richard

Never been so easy to file tax return, step by step is very helpful would definitely recommend first timers. Thanks

3/7/2020 by Paul Murphy

Quick & easy. I will be back next year.

3/7/2020 by Gordon E.

Easy. Free. Highest recommendation.

3/7/2020 by Mark

Any concerns I had were answered well and promptly.

3/7/2020 by Paul

Very easy to use and I got my refund quickly. Have used for past three years and will continue to use.

3/7/2020 by Marilyn Colon

Fast and easy

3/7/2020 by Mary

Very easy to use.

3/7/2020 by Veselina

Simply - the best!

3/7/2020 by Walter

I've used EZTax Return for several years with ease & confidence. Will continue to do so. Thank you.

3/7/2020 by Scott J Hogan

Never realized how easy it was to file my taxes never again will I give hundreds of dollars to the big-name tax preparation services eztaxreturn cost me a total of $19.99 to file both federal and state highly recommend this service they make it very easy for you to do it even a caveman could do it

3/7/2020 by Nikki M

This was super easy and I loved that it wasn't complicated!

3/7/2020 by William L. Russell

Your service couldn't be easier. It was very accurate and very timely.

3/7/2020 by Ron

I've been using EzTaxReturn for a long time. It easy great and easy to follow!!

3/7/2020 by Betty

I have been using ezTaxReturn yearly for about 9 years. It is easy efficient. I recommend this service to everyone. Particularly, if you have modest income and do not have the funds to pay an expensive tax service provider. Also, if you are comfortable with calculating your tax data, this is the service/app for you. .

3/7/2020 by Gina

Easy to file and great explanations

3/7/2020 by Justin Clasin

Very easy to use.

3/7/2020 by Gwendolyn Simmons

There were a few changes to filing this year. But wouldn't use any other company to file my taxes through. I used another company years back and I ran back to EZ file and never looked back. Thank you

3/7/2020 by Kirsten

It was fast an easy to file my taxes. There was a guide when I needed a little help and info button when I wasn't sure about a term. I got my taxes done in about an hour. I'd definitely recommend and use eztaxreturn again.

3/7/2020 by Douglas

The whole process was easy to understand and speedy. Loved it.

3/7/2020 by Kevin

Very easy and simple! Best online service I've found. I'll be using it again for the third time next year.

3/7/2020 by MJ

Fast and easy both filing and receiving refund! BEST service ever!!

3/7/2020 by Airan Caraballo

Highly recommend. Easy and quick.

3/7/2020 by Doris S

I use it every year because it is really effortless and up to date.

3/7/2020 by Gary

Super easy and quick return!

3/7/2020 by Suzanne P.

I know nothing about taxes. I love that they walk you through each step. Have been using them for years and will continue to do so.

3/7/2020 by Cathy

Very easy to use

3/7/2020 by Jerrine

I really enjoyed it filing with EZ tax it was fast and easy and they took me step-by-step on everything to do and I got an answer back and results quickly I really enjoy the service.

3/7/2020 by Donna Hemmersbach

Easy to use thanks from a 62 year old farm wife.

3/7/2020 by Jean S

This is the best ever option. So easy! No pins! I got my refund back in record time that I am recommending this to all my friends and family. And best of all, free!

3/7/2020 by Sharon

ezTaxReturn was just that.... very easy to use and fast. Took the stress out of filing.

3/7/2020 by Thout

4 year of fast and easy filings

3/7/2020 by Jeffry Buck

Very user friendly. Accurate and easy to follow instructions e.

3/7/2020 by Jody

A very easy experience with calculations done for me which I was able to review each step of the way. All categories for tax deductions were listed and explained clearly. It was very easy to print copies of returns. This is my second year using ez. I plan to continue to use their service in years to come.

3/7/2020 by Denise Collar

Very easy to use. Steps are easy to follow

3/7/2020 by Frances

Very easy and convenient!

3/7/2020 by Teresa

It was so easy thank you EZTAXRETURN

3/7/2020 by Peggie

So easy and the cost is perfect.

3/7/2020 by Laura Budoff

So easy to navigate. Easy step-by-step directions to maximize my return.

3/7/2020 by Dawn M

Process was easy ! Easy to follow instructions. Additional information was available if you didnt understand something .

3/7/2020 by Debbie

i used this service the last two years. It brings back the the names and addresses of all companys you showed in prior years. This really makes it fast and easy.

3/7/2020 by Mary

Easy to follow and to organize your information. Taxes filed quickly and easily.

3/7/2020 by Nicholas Knox

The process was very easy to follow.

3/7/2020 by Bob & Gerry

I had questions while filling out the forms. They were promptly answered and I was able to get my taxes done easily. Price was VERY reasonable.

3/7/2020 by Melissa

Easiest and quickest tax preparation ever!! Love them!

3/7/2020 by Vicki

I've been doing my taxes with ez tax return for years now. Would highly recommend!!

3/7/2020 by Stephanie

Great job! Easy. User friendly

3/7/2020 by Flo

Thanks for the invite. My experience was quick and easy to get it done. In between jobs I had to be accurate. Recommend to anyone who is working long hours.

3/7/2020 by Patrease Durgin

It's so simple! It's not complicated like the other tax websites and other tax services. And it's inexpensive!

3/7/2020 by Michael Kramlick

Having been using EZTAXRETURN for several years. Very easy to use, get refund very quickly. So much better than paper and pencil returns. Really appreciate that all information is saved, so you can do your return in several sessions Highly recommend.

3/7/2020 by Sonia Enriques

Very good and fast return

3/7/2020 by Very Easy

No problems. Easy navigation through steps. Will use again

3/7/2020 by Jeffrey

I've used ezTaxReturn for over 15 years now and have been impressed by their service every year. The program has options to help guide you along the way. It's very convenient, has minimal to no cost, and even allows you to file state taxes. I will use ezTAxReturn every year until I no longer have to file my taxes.

3/7/2020 by Robert Farwell

This service was easy for us, who haven't filed by ourselves in several years. We used H&R Block before. Thank you

3/7/2020 by Hol Wagner

Far and away the best online tax filing service I've used. It was very quick and exceptionally easy to complete all the necessary forms, both federal and state.

3/7/2020 by Karen

Super easy to use and free- doesn't get much better

3/7/2020 by Don

Excellent service, fast and easy. highly recommend

3/7/2020 by Cecil Green

I've let the folks at EZTaxReturn handle my tax returns for quite a few years now, and I don't know if anyone else could do a better job . The program is easy to use, going step by step and providing information at each prompt to answer any questions. The customer service is excellent, and I never feel like I am all alone during tax time. EZTaxReturn is my go- to tax service!

3/7/2020 by Graham Squires

Quick easy and affordable! Thanks!

3/7/2020 by Mary Hartman

Entering the data online was straightforward and our refund processed quickly.

3/7/2020 by Rich

Designed to be user-friendly. Quite satisfied!

3/7/2020 by SR Green

Was quick and easy. See you next year!

3/7/2020 by Kimberly

Filing my tax return through ezTax Return is a very easy process. I've used the site for several years and trust them.

3/7/2020 by Juan G

Very easy and fast returns

3/7/2020 by Shakd11

Very easy process and fast

3/7/2020 by Keith

Year after year, so easy to do taxes.

3/7/2020 by B Gorcenski

Very quick & easy to use. Refund in 7 days!

3/7/2020 by JOSEPH

Awesome, quick, smooth ty

3/7/2020 by Muriel Bruno

I have used you several years & love the set up by walking me thru the process with the way you offer explanations & help along the way! Thank you all very much!

3/7/2020 by Edith

I have used this twice and it could not of been easier. Both times got me a refund too.

3/7/2020 by Linda

Fast and so easy to use. This is my 2nd year. Thanks eztaxretun.

3/7/2020 by Diane

I did not receive any notation that I should file a form for insurance. So my taxes are delayed

3/7/2020 by Mike

Quick,easy, very efficient!

3/7/2020 by WLB

Such a relief to get taxes done so easily.

3/7/2020 by Carrie

Super easy and affordable! I just wish you could also file dual-state taxes with eztaxreturn as well.

3/7/2020 by Rebecca Ellis

Very easy to use.

3/7/2020 by Cynthia Hardaker

Thanks...Very easy!!

3/7/2020 by Kathleen

Quick n easy

3/7/2020 by Lew Harris

Just as advertised. ezTaxReturn From a 80 year good old Guy. Thank you

3/7/2020 by Richard Barnes

Your program, as in previous years, was easy to use and the instructions were clear. I omitted some income after ""filing our returns, but you bailed us out very nicely. Thank you for that, I'll continue to use your services. If I don't stay with you, who will bail me out ??? (tic) Thanks again.

3/7/2020 by Sharon

Easy to use. Got my refund fast. Only had to pay for state return.

3/7/2020 by Dee Ann

I love eztax very quick and easy they kept my info from the previous year

3/7/2020 by Susan

It is fast and easy but not free.

3/7/2020 by Tracy

Great service! Am a many time user. Will use in future.

3/7/2020 by John Mozisek

Thank you for the ease of filing my Federal tax return. In the future I have to learn to read the small print. I did not, and had to pay at the end for my state. You should really stipulate the Federal Tax Return is Free and in regular size letters state the cost of the State return. John

3/7/2020 by Clements

I've been using ezTax for many years. I would not think of using another way to file our taxes. All you have to do is answer questions. All the calculations and forms are done for you. We file 1040A, so it is not free. But for about $40 our federal and state taxes are filed. I highly recommend exTax.

3/7/2020 by Marsha H

Easy to navigate, affordable, reliable. I worked as a freelance for years and I was able to file my self-employed income/expenses as easily as my friends who paid hundreds of dollars for an accountant. I've used them for 7 years, and I'll keep coming back.

3/7/2020 by Suzi

I have used 3 years in a row now. It's so easy.

3/7/2020 by Linda C

Very easy to use and refund came quickly

3/7/2020 by Sarah Gay Edwards

I've used it for 5 years and it gets easier each year.

3/7/2020 by George

Very easy to file

3/7/2020 by KMO

I've used ezTaxReturn two years now and they are the best. They take you step by step and will help you make the best choice for you personally. They get you the BIGGEST refund you can get, The help, the refund, how quickly it's done will always be worth it. easy!

3/7/2020 by Greg Purcell

Fast and easy. I got my refund in 8 days.

3/7/2020 by Chmieka

I have been utilizing this tax services for years, it has always been a tremendous experience. Very easy and professional layout!

3/7/2020 by Darlene Noesen

Fast, Easy, Accurate

3/7/2020 by Michael S. Hammod

It was really quick and easy. Very intuitive for an online form. Received my federal and state refunds in just two weeks. Really great

3/7/2020 by Docoline Stround

I love to use ezTaxReturn to file my income tax. It is so easy. I also qualify for a free federal return. The state return was not costly.

3/7/2020 by Pamela Miller

This was the best of the "free" offers. It was exactly as advertised - Free. Easy to run through w/step by step instructions . Refund received quickly. I recommend this for simple filing.

3/7/2020 by Robert


3/7/2020 by Jessica

I love EZ Tax Return. It's so simple, fast and helpful! .

3/7/2020 by Mario

This is the most amazing service ! Giving credit where it is due, 10/10.

3/7/2020 by Scott Evans

It was good..but why did I have to pay?

3/7/2020 by Kathy Fernandez

Easy and fast! Thank you so much!

3/7/2020 by Mike

Very easy to use!

3/7/2020 by Tammy

I've used for the last 5 years and I absolutely love it. It's fast, easy and convenient. I will be using them for my taxes for a very long time.

3/7/2020 by Don

Second year to use the service and it is very easy and I recommend it to all.

3/7/2020 by David M. Hall

I highly recommend this company. It is so easy to do, and service is very fast and efficient.

3/7/2020 by Guadalupe

It does justice to its name, ez! Great experience, won't hesitate to use this site again!

3/7/2020 by John K

I have used EZ for years and always fast returns.

3/7/2020 by Terry Davenport

Quick and very easy. Was able to track return progress very easily. Very simple and clear instructions.

3/7/2020 by Michael

Great and easy.

3/7/2020 by William Heiland

The filing of my federal taxes with was straight forward. The website walked you through from start to finish. I hope to be able to use the website next year.

3/7/2020 by Elfrieda Baker

Still haven't received my return... So, I'm not sure what I think!

3/7/2020 by Bayousunrise

I tried one of their competitors and was going to have to pay 2-3 more...even after using that same company for SEVERAL years, it was easy to switch and I'm glad I did!

3/7/2020 by James Barger

I have used this service for several years. It always checks my deductions before noting how it compares with the standard deduction. If there is a problem with my entries, it is quick to notify me to make corrections. The refund is already in my account for 2019.

3/7/2020 by Michael G.

"I have used EZTax for many years now as has my daughter. We find the process quick, efficient and easy. Would recommend highly."

3/7/2020 by DCH

Step by step, easy to use, quick results.

3/7/2020 by Jota P

ezTaxReturn was easy tax return the is the company means that it is. Very Easy and fast refund. This is my first time in my whole i did my own taxes and my thought is : EZTaxreturn

3/7/2020 by Bobbi

Very easy to use. Reasonable price.

3/7/2020 by Jim Redbird

The easiest way to file taxes I've ever found I use EZTax every year.

3/7/2020 by Hendy

Fast Service

3/7/2020 by Cathy

It took me around the hour to complete... they give you two options... you can have the machine check your work or you can bypass it... it may doing taxes easy

3/7/2020 by Mike T

EZ is the perfect name. Everything from setting up an account to filing is super easy. I've been using eztaxreturn for several years and will be using them for several more.

3/7/2020 by Michael Pyzoha

The EZTax is easy to use and I am no tax expert. I greatly like the support via email as responses are quick (several hours next day ok), understandable, respectable and accurate with examples. Great support great site

3/7/2020 by SharonM

After filling out all my information I was unable to use the program to complete my return. Program was free, I got what I paid for which was nothing. It was a waste of time entering all my information. Ended up using a different program.

3/7/2020 by RR

Very easy to work with

3/7/2020 by Craig

It was very easy to fill out the forms.

3/7/2020 by Jimmy

I have used EZ Tax Return for the past few years now and I won't go back to anything else. I have never been audited, called or delayed for any reason. If you want EZ this is it!!!!!

3/7/2020 by RonZ

Quick, easy, efficient, and inexpensive for both federal and state returns. What could be better?

3/7/2020 by Debbie L.

Very user friendly, return is processed quickly and return was deposited in a couple of weeks. Thank you for providing this awesome service.

3/7/2020 by Harlan Polishook

Everyone was o helpful -- even offering for your CPA to work on my part-year state return.

3/7/2020 by Charmaine

Absolutely effortless!!! Loved it...this is my 2nd filing through eztaxreturn!!! A WINNER!!! se.

3/7/2020 by Paul and Jean

The service these people provide is excellent, and certainly help us out in doing the tax, which ordinarily is a daunting task. Just followed their instructions, which were presented simply and plainly, and all went well. Thanks and rgds.

3/7/2020 by Sandy

So easy and fast I've used eztax for many years now beats the high cost of having others do it. Thanks

3/7/2020 by Jake

Great, fast service.

3/7/2020 by Maria

It was easy

3/7/2020 by Bruve

Quick & eazy

3/7/2020 by Mona

Very easy to use. And it was free. I recommend it!

3/7/2020 by Sarah Cowart

Used for two years. The easiest and fasted way to do taxes. Got my money in 10 days!

3/7/2020 by Nancy in Ohio

I have used ezTaxReturn for at least 3 years. Filing my taxes are a little more complex than average, so more time consuming. It always leads me in the right direction or I would be lost. I find it actually fun and challenging though. Feel confident using your website! Thank you! P.S. Already received my refund.......YAY!!

3/7/2020 by Brian G

Been using this service for the past 3 years and everytime it's quick, easy and cheap. Highly recommend!

3/7/2020 by Dipan

Awesome experience

3/7/2020 by Shirley

Very easy to use

3/7/2020 by Jan

It was so easy using the step-by-step procedure. Thanks!

3/7/2020 by Loris

This is the 3rd year I've used ezTaxReturn; less expensive than the others and very efficient for the double-checking.

3/7/2020 by J Brewer

One more year of taxes done with ezTaxReturn.

3/7/2020 by Barbara

Easy to do. Would definitely recommend.

3/7/2020 by Blake Scribner

Been using for quite a few years now. Quick, helpful and accurate. Filing and returns have always been fast. Plus, always have my previous years tax info on hand anywhere, anytime. Highly recommend! Thanks...

3/7/2020 by Nancy

You guys take the stress out! Super easy and fast. Many thanks!

3/7/2020 by Anne S.

Thank you for this pleasant, easy and free experience.

3/7/2020 by Mark Anthony McCullough

Just keep up the good work!

3/7/2020 by Vicki

I've been using ezTaxReturn since 2008 and I love it! It is easy to use and I like that it saves my past returns for easy access.

3/7/2020 by Alton H.

Easy to use. Very limited problems. Thanks.

3/7/2020 by Don L

Easy is the right word you make it so easy to do my taxes thank you and I'll see you again next year

3/7/2020 by Linda

Easy & quick.

3/7/2020 by Fraser

it was really easy and quick

3/7/2020 by Glem Gambrel

Simple and very thorough, had absolutely no issues easy filing state and federal will use again.

3/7/2020 by Chris K

Easy and free. Awesome!!

3/7/2020 by Jeannie

Never has it been so easy to file. Thank you

3/7/2020 by James Peek

We have been using ezTaxReturn for over 10 years, Never, ever, EVER, going back to doing a paper return. The only thing I would wish for would be a way to file the tax return for a care center resident. I am the POA-MPOA, and still after 12 years, have to file it by mail.

3/7/2020 by Robert J Coia

Fast and easy

3/7/2020 by Jim

Every year it just easier and quicker to finish.

3/7/2020 by Norman

Used your service for over 10 years and love it!

3/7/2020 by Daniel B

It was easy and free. I got everything filed with no problems.

3/7/2020 by Tio Sam

Fast and easy .. cheaper then turbo tax or H and R block ...I usually don't trust the internet.. but this site was recommended by the IRS .. I have been using it for the past four years... it's great!! they should have an app

3/7/2020 by Gale L.

So easy & quick. this is my second yr using ezTaxReturn I did my own taxes for over 40 yrs. the "simplified forms" made it complicated & confusing. ezTaxReturn is just that, Easy! my tax return was faster than I've ever had. Highly recommend ezTaxReturn

3/7/2020 by Jon

Easy and free, what more could you want ? Recommended to everyone I know.

3/7/2020 by Bev

So easy to use and my tax returns came in earlier than expected. This was my 4th year using ezTaxReturn and I will be using again next year

3/7/2020 by Alden

Easy to use & state filing fees were very reasonable. Got my refund in a week!

3/7/2020 by Candace

2nd year of using ezTaxReturn. Husband was leery last year, but our finances changed and I didn't want to spend time, effort and $$$ with our 30 year relationship with tax guy. AWESOME ezTaxReturn customer service via email/chat, much quicker response than our former actually wonderful tax guy ( response within 1/2 hour versus DAYS) Easy Peasy, HIGHLY recommend.

3/7/2020 by Connie

Easy and fast. Like the option to do it youself or have suggestions and guidance. I've been using ezTaxReturn for several years and I haven't had any problems. I always suggest it to others

3/7/2020 by John

Very easy and intuitive. Would definitely use again.

3/7/2020 by Cheryl Steele

The app was so easy to use and offered helpful tips! And the fact that the process was free!

3/7/2020 by Jeff B

Third year in a row of using ezTaxReturn and it's awesome. Fast and easy to use.

3/7/2020 by Roberta Patterson

Love ezTaxReturn! It so convenient and very easy . They are very informative and send you emails all year not just about your taxes but other information. I have been with them for years . It is free. You don't have any worries you can count on ezTax. I will file with them for as long as I work. You get your taxes back right away your Federal and State. Thank you ezTax for making filing so easy and simple.

3/7/2020 by Jack Bashur

Very fast and simple

3/7/2020 by Laz r

Very quick and easy to use have been using for several years never had a problem

3/7/2020 by Dana

ezTaxReturn helped me file my taxes by myself 6 years ago and I've been using it each year since. I was tired of paying H&R Block $300 for itemized tax returns. I've told friends and family to use this site as well.

3/7/2020 by Dan

Had my return fastest EVER

3/7/2020 by P.W. Meyers

While the process is very e-z, you first must gather and enter all your possible deductions. After you do all that work, it then tells you that you should take the standard deduction. It would be nice to tell you right away, just after you enter your taxable income.

3/8/2020 by Jeffrey Berlin

Easy to access web site, fast to complete following prompts; completed tax preparation and submission in 20 minutes!! Could not beat this at any other web site!! I have used ezTaxReturn for last 4 years -- would not go elsewhere else now.

3/8/2020 by KDJ

Fast, easy and affordable.

3/8/2020 by John Sewastynowicz

Have been using for years and it is very well set up. If there are questions, one can easily find answers. Recommend

3/8/2020 by Tumua

6 years and counting... quick and efficient!

3/8/2020 by Richard Parnell

It was easy to understand. I will never use turbo tax again

3/8/2020 by Allen

10 Stars ?? has been an awesome ??

3/8/2020 by Michelle

Easy and fool proof!

3//2020 by Theresa Dyanick

It was very simple, the software talk to you through what you needed to fill out as well as prompting you when you did not fill in information where it was needed. The best part of all it was free and I would recommend this company to my family and friends

3/8/2020 by Raymond

Excellent and easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Mayra Nichols

Easy..hastle free...and great price to file state tax. Definitely will be using years to come.

3/8/2020 by Angela

Quick and easy! Highly recommend this service.

3/8/2020 by Holly

Very fast, easy and that made it feel fun and I felt really smart... lol. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Raymond

Better than Turbo Tax.

3/8/2020 by Winkie Malala

You guys doing a great job helping me, Thanks ??

3/8/2020 by Keena

Very easy and straightforward! Will definitely use ezTaxReturn again!

3/8/2020 by Desiree Maki

It was easy to fill the tax forms, but the program would NOT let me print out my State Return to mail it. I would have had to pay $19.95 to e-file my s State Return and I did NOT want to do that.

3/8/2020 by Ms R

Quick and easy. No pressure to buy other services or ads. I hope to us this company next year.

3/8/2020 by Steve

Very easy to navigate and thorough. Well done!

3/8/2020 by Robert C

I am a professional tax preparer. I chose to file my personal return with EZ Tax this year. Everything went well. Very satisfied!

3/8/2020 by Helene

Outstanding software and easy to use!! Fast refund!!

3/8/2020 by Rachel

The service was straight forward and it took me less than 20 minutes to get my maximum refund. I have used them for a few years and they continue to serve my needs well. I would recommend them to anyone.

3/8/2020 by DianeA

User friendly. Good experience.

3/8/2020 by Jan

Easy! Uncomplicated! And quick return!

3/8/2020 by Lou S

Easy. Fast. Quick Return.

3/8/2020 by M long

Fast easy done!

3/8/2020 by Gretchen

Easy to use. Quick response to questions.

3/8/2020 by Daniel C

I've been using ezTaxReturn for years and would recommend it to anyone.

3/8/2020 by Judith Woodburn

Your program guided me through the tax preparation with ease! I was done in no time!

3/8/2020 by Wanda

It's an amazing way to do taxes. It's very easy to used.

3/8/2020 by George Sisemore

I have used this service for years & will continue in the future. Easy to file & quick.

3/8/2020 by Kate

Great experience! Truly stress-free!

3/8/2020 by Kevin

Went so well and so quick I will be back next year!

3/8/2020 by Chris

So easy to use! Second year user, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

3/8/2020 by Bernadette Wilke

Filing taxes was very easy.

3/8/2020 by Debbie K

Best year ever first time great!

3/8/2020 by Jess Dudley

Awesome sauce!!!! Hands down best tax service out there!! Super easy and very fast return!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Good vibes for everyone

3/8/2020 by Jimmie D

This is a great program for filing your tax return. It's easy to use and understand

3/8/2020 by Lorraine Nappa

I have been using ez tax return for about 4 years now and it couldn't be any easier, fast and uncomplicated and fast refund. Love it. Totally recommend it.

3/8/2020 by Maynard

I have used eztaxreturn for years. Easy, fast, and always good results.

3/8/2020 by Tweety

It was fast and easy you are the best

3/8/2020 by Tiffany M.

Very easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Gena

Easy + Fast = Great.

3/8/2020 by Alexandra Keves

The program was easy to use. There were no hidden fees. The big bonus is to be able to connect with a person if you had questions. I will use this program if it remains free.

3/8/2020 by Lori

ezTaxReturn is so easy to file taxes. Its the easiest tax site. I love that it actually helps you find the answers to the questions other websites don't do that which makes it harder to do your taxes on their site.

3/8/2020 by Sw Rottnan

Fast and easy...can't get better

3/8/2020 by Guy

Easy and fast and thorough. Anybody can easily understand and go through the program

3/8/2020 by Jo

Excellent instructions and would be easy enough for anyone to use who has never done their own taxes.

3/8/2020 by Barbara Long

Very quick and easy.

3/8/2020 by Dave

4th year in a row I used them and they are the greatest! They make it very easy and easy to understand! Love them thanks

3/8/2020 by Telvin

Definitely a thorough and easy process. I used to pay someone a lot of money to do the same thing for me. Not anymore!

3/8/2020 by Liz B

Easy to use / follow instructions. My refund deposited in my account in 1 week

3/8/2020 by Russell

The fastest and easiest way I've ever found to file my taxes.

3/8/2020 by Kelli

Quick, easy, great service.

3/8/2020 by Lynn Rugh

Very user friendly, it's what is important.

3/8/2020 by Vickie Asher

Very quick and easy.

3/8/2020 by Timothy Jones

Good service!!!!!!

3/8/2020 by Terry

Have used you for many years, love the ease & thoroughness your program.

3/8/2020 by Jack

Done a great job. I hope

3/8/2020 by Yane

This was the most easy way of file my taxes and I got a good refund thank Eztax

3/8/2020 by Scott

Quick, easy, way cheaper than going through H&R Block or Turbo Tax.

3/8/2020 by Darlene

This Is a very easy tax website that shows you step by step on what to do. This was the first app I was introduced to that what not hard to follow.

3/8/2020 by Christina

Followed directions filled in requested information and you did the rest

3/8/2020 by Lynn Vest

Easy to do your taxes, safe because it's on the IRS site. I received my refund 3 weeks later. What can be better !

3/8/2020 by Gee

Easy excellent service. My refund came back quickly . It was very easy to complete .

3/8/2020 by Amy

Excellent service and easy to use!

3/8/2020 by Patty

I'm so glad I found eztaxreturn , easy to use and so reasonable!! 5 Stars!!!

3/8/2020 by Dwight

Fast and very accurate, definitely 5 stars , highly recommend. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Maria Aaron

Very clear and simple. And my refund came back very quickly.

3/8/2020 by Elias Ghazi

Outstanding service, fast refund.

3/8/2020 by Lisa

Extremely easy to use and fast. Highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by E Laren

Easy, quick, reliable. Got both state and federal returns faster than they said I would.

3/8/2020 by Shavette Wiggins

Very ez for a reasonable price

3/8/2020 by Marta

"Easy, fast and accurate. A few years ago another service incorrectly calculated my availability for a credit but EZ Tax was and continues to be correct with it and all other entries. Will never use another service."

3/8/2020 by MM

I had to file taxes for a deceased relative which I thought would be difficult, but it was simple and quick with ez Tax. I definitely recommend this site!

3/8/2020 by Virginia

I've used this for several years and I happily come back every year.

3/8/2020 by Sharon

Easy process and satisfied with outcome!

3/8/2020 by Chris Gray


3/8/2020 by Tommy

Been using it for years, it is easy and guides you well. One year I tried H&R Block because I bought a house and they were terrible. Huge mistake at year and came right back to EZTax.

3/8/2020 by Beth Kolb

Wow! That was fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by Tommy R

Easiest affordable process for this retired person on a fixed income. I recommend this to everyone in all walks of life at all age levels. Thank You ezTaxReturn for being there.

3/8/2020 by Richard Mitchell

Easy to follow

3/8/2020 by Gordon

Easy to use and file.

3/8/2020 by Jeff

This is my 3rd time using EZ. quicker easier to use than expected. My taxes aren't that complicated, but once you get use to it goes ok, & the next time, the following yr, alot of your info is saved...

3/8/2020 by Deon

Easy and fast

3/8/2020 by Willie

Nice and easy.

3/8/2020 by James Huff

It was easy for me.

3/8/2020 by Kathleen L

I have been using EZTaxReturn for nearly 10 years for both my state and federal. No anxiety or math fears, it takes care of all that for you. I highly recommend it!

3/8/2020 by Donna Hall

Very simple to use. Received our refund only 2 weeks after submitting the form to the IRS. Was able to run off a copy of the return without any issues which is very important for us to get our real estate taxes frozen.

3/8/2020 by Maung T.

I use yours every year. Easy and helpful as always. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Rosa A.

Quick and easy to understand. I have been using for years and everyone I tell also is happy with service.

3/8/2020 by Jose

Quick and easy, and fast refund.

3/8/2020 by Tonia

Very easy and convenient

3/8/2020 by Dee

Very easy!

3/8/2020 by Sharon L

The site was great. Easy to use and my return was processed very quickly.

3/8/2020 by John A Kalinchok

There were a few glitches on my part but otherwise it went well! I plan on using ezTaxReturn next year! Thank You!

3/8/2020 by Dolowillia

I have been using EZtax for several years now. They make the process of filing quick and easy and walk you through step by step.

3/8/2020 by Lisa T

I've used this program for several years. I've compared it to others and always come back. This is easy and comprehensive for my needs. I would recommend this service.

3/8/2020 by Maxine

Quick and easy. Great site!

3/8/2020 by Susan Hernandez

Thank you EZTax. I once was afraid to do my taxes, now I look forward to getting them done and out of the way.

3/8/2020 by Amy

I was very pleased with ezTaxReturn. Fast and easy just like they claim.

3/8/2020 by Paul Kersten

I find this to be a very easy way to file my taxes. Very user friendly and inexpensive

3/8/2020 by Emilia

Refund was received quickly! Thank you!

3/8/2020 by Dolorres cronin

I am an 80 year old and have little income. Ezpay is so simple for me to use and I always feel a relief that my returns are sent in for me and I receive confirmation from the IRS that all has been received. Thank you expay tax

3/8/2020 by Montii

Fast ,easy ,reliable experience! I will be using them every year . I got my taxes back in 14 days

3/8/2020 by Kristen

Very easy to use. Federal tax return free. State tax return not free.

3/8/2020 by Rudy Rivera

I appreciate the ease of preparing and filling my return with ezTaxReturn, im not much on computers and yall have truly made it a breeze. I had to pay a fee this year but will continue to use ezTaxReturn to file my taxes in the future. Highly recommended

3/8/2020 by Phillip

All you have to do is answer the questions. Easier than doing on paper.

3/8/2020 by William Padgett

It gets easier each year to file with ezTaxReturn.

3/8/2020 by Brian

Quick and Easy!

3/8/2020 by Anedra J

This service was very user friendly, free, and fast! Great combination!

3/8/2020 by Joe and Mary Day

Easy to do, just fill in your information, they help you all the way. They submit it for you and you get your refund in two weeks from the date or transfer. Easy as heck. Will always use this tax preparation.

3/8/2020 by Carmen

One word ....Outstanding!!!!!

3/8/2020 by Daniel Anello

Thank you!!

3/8/2020 by KB

Easy and fast. No trouble at all. No hidden fees.

3/8/2020 by Tom O'Connell

ezTaxReturn has improved quite a bit over the years. This was the best year so far. Finally it's easy to move around inside the program. Editing is no longer a concern. Very pleased.

3/8/2020 by Marilynn Moss

The process was easy to follow

3/8/2020 by Gwen Wilson

Eztaxreturn is easy to use. I have used this site for years. Gwen Wilson

3/8/2020 by art alonzo

very simple and fast

3/8/2020 by Phillip Punter

Easiest tax process I've used for years.

3/8/2020 by Ralph Peck

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed of the tax program

3/8/2020 by Vincent

I've been using ezTaxReturn for a few years now and it just gets easier and easier . Excellent service

3/8/2020 by Nancy Flynn

I'm 83 and not too tech savvy but found ezyTax very "ezy" to use. Thanks!

3/8/2020 by Frank Yazzie

Have been using EzTaxReturn for several years and absolutely fond of using the software.

3/8/2020 by Lisa

I tried a competitor last yr and it was more complicated and in the end charged more. This yr went back to EZtax because of that.

3/8/2020 by Lola

Quick and easy!!!

3/8/2020 by Jacqueline

This year is the first time attempting to do my tax return. It was easy to read and understand and find what was needed.

3/8/2020 by JC

It is fast and accurate. Very easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Joyce

Very easy to use even for us old folks. Second time using EzTax...will use again!

3/8/2020 by rth

Initially discovered a couple of glitches but overall got the job done and the price was right, $0. Had my refund in a week's time.

3/8/2020 by LAWRENCE

Fast, simple step by step instructions and free.

3/8/2020 by Diane Kalinoski

Very easy for me to do. I always think I can never do my taxes but with the self explanation on every question I did my taxes in no time at all. Simple, fast and accurate. Received my tax return in less than 2 weeks.

3/8/2020 by Kevin Jackson

"I was thrilled to do my federal return easily and it REALLY was FREE!! This was the 3rd software package I tried that claimed to be free,this was the only one that really was."

3/8/2020 by Samara Sosa

Very clear & easy to follow along & return came quickly!!

3/8/2020 by Ralph Purkey

I will use ezRaxReturns services again.

3/8/2020 by Joshua Steadman

Fast and Easy

3/8/2020 by Jennifer

Was fast and easy !!

3/8/2020 by Amanda Ochoa

Easy to use and I got my refund back quickly. This is my third year in a row using this company after years of using TurboTax. EZTaxReturn is just as easy and less expensive. Two thumbs up!

3/8/2020 by Michael

Very easy to complete the state and federal forms. I very much appreciated their guidance. And all of it was free! We received both returns within 10 days!!

3/8/2020 by Lisa B

Very easy to use. This is my 4th year using ezTaxReturn and plan to continue in years to come.

3/8/2020 by Larry Krawczyk

All aspects are east to follow. It is definitely user friendly. Quick and easy. I have used this program for years and will stick with it. Price is a great value.

3/8/2020 by RAB

Very user friendly

3/8/2020 by James Cunningham

It was our first time to efile and was amazed how it worked. Yes, it was a good experience and plan to do it again. Thanks for letting us do it thru your company.

3/8/2020 by Maryanne

Easy to use

3/8/2020 by Michael


3/8/2020 by Marilyn M

Eztax was simple to use and accurate. I recommend them to family. Loved the step by step instructions!

3/8/2020 by r

Easy to use and free! Highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by Chiffon Barnes

I do agree that this website is easy to use despite some small things I would change like the need to sign in every 5 minutes because it times out. Secondly I do like the design of the website but because it did charge me to file because I have an EIC credit I will no longer be using this website. There are other free ones out there.

3/8/2020 by Ron H

I do not know how it could be any easier or faster !

3/8/2020 by Thomas Cole

very easy to use thank you

3/8/2020 by Jackie

Thank you

3/8/2020 by M Jacobs

This was our 2nd year. Easy to use!

3/8/2020 by Jim B

Inexpensive, which is good but more importantly they cover all the bases and are straight forward. Many times I feel unsure if I'm getting the best advice on what goes on when doing my taxes. ezTaxReturn makes me feel secure that everything is covered and done right.

3/8/2020 by Gale

Wasn't the usual difficult experience. In fact it was easy.

3/8/2020 by Lauren

ezTaxReturn is easy to understand and free!!! The website is great and I have always been pleased. Thank you!

3/8/2020 by Kathleen Lack

Thanks! Fast and easy as pie. ??

3/8/2020 by Lyn S

Very user friendly!! Will continue to use this service yearly

3/8/2020 by rossb

It was fast and it was easy. I filed early but they filed my return the first day the IRS accepted returns.

3/8/2020 by Mark

So EASY. Walked me right through.

3/8/2020 by Morris

This my second year filing with EZTax, and it was even faster and more thorough than last year. It is more convenient, quicker and easier to use than any other online tax service I've used. I recommend it highly.

3/8/2020 by Donna Davis

Easy to fill out and file free through IRS website. Would not go back to waiting in long lines or paying ridiculous fees to get my taxes done.

3/8/2020 by Ez was simple and fast

Very simple. Ez is the way if you have simple taxes

3/8/2020 by Marianne Lentes

Easy to file; very helpful; fast refund.

3/8/2020 by Sheila W.

I have been doing my taxes thru ezTaxReturn for several years now. It is so easy to do that when it's time to do my taxes each year, I don't dread it, I actually look forward to it! I remember one year, I was having problems downloading my return, so I had to call them and the person I talked to walked me thru it. Such a great experience! Highly recommend!

3/8/2020 by Glenn J

Been using them for 4 years. Very easy to use and get fast returns. What else do you need.

3/8/2020 by Randy Manning nice and easy

Nice easy tax returns. This was great

3/8/2020 by G Stephan

Easy to use. Walks you through step by step. A+ Thank you EZ Tax Return.

3/8/2020 by Sandy Howanetz

Real easy to navigate, been using them for a number of years. Very satisfied with them

3/8/2020 by Wing

Really liked. easy and helpul

3/8/2020 by Norman Sharper

Quick and easy

3/8/2020 by Stephen


3/8/2020 by Kimberly Brown

I've used eztaxreturn for years and I love doing my taxes with their help! Fast, easy! Love the step-by-step they give you! Thank you all the years of service!

3/8/2020 by Gabriel

I love it thanks ??

3/8/2020 by L Starr Miller

Love it because it was free. We are on a limited income and money is scarce so not having to pay was a blessing. Thank you so very much for your help.

3/8/2020 by Carla Mallon

Easy to look at, easy to use, and unlike other free sites it gave me a lot of time.

3/8/2020 by Winfred

All retirement questions answered.

3/8/2020 by Helen R

Very easy to file 1040-SR. Federal refund arrived within a week; State in just a little longer. It was a good experience.

3/8/2020 by Charles Gallagher

I have been using you for 7 years and it is so simple thus makes filing quick.

3/8/2020 by Tiffany

This year was the 1st time I did my taxes. Eztax was so easy & walked you step by step. I will definitely be using this website from now on .

3/8/2020 by Easiest one i did so far

Easiest one i did so far

3/8/2020 by John Gerben Jr

With me being 77 it was easy to use,would recommend to all

3/8/2020 by Ron

Easy. At least as easy as TurboTax without the hassle of upcharge pressure. Recommend!

3/8/2020 by Peter Beckley

Went thru the process fairly quickly, and when I emailed a question, it didn't take long to get an answer to it; which, helped me decide whether to or not to take the "standard" deduction. Thanks

3/8/2020 by Allen

This is my second year using ezTaxReturn and I love it. It really makes things easy.

3/8/2020 by Tom Burchfield

Used for several years. Very easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Lastavius

It was truly fantastic. The process was easy and greatly increased my comfort level using your product. If I had one suggestion, it would be that you guys offer the option of buying tax insurance. I generally go with Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block for that very reason. They charge me about $29.99 but it affords me peace of mind in case an audit turns up a mistake. I think you all should give clients the option of purchasing that service & having it deducted from their refund. Other than this suggestion, everyrhing was superb!

3/8/2020 by Susan Baker

This is the 6th year in a row I've used your service. I love the fact that my basic information is stored from the previos year. It makes it so much easier when many areas are pre-filled and I just have to make any edits needed. Also, in case a question is unclear or confusing, it's great to have easy to understand hints readily available next to each question!

3/8/2020 by Barry

Makes filing my social security income very easy.

3/8/2020 by Pat

Pat and I used this to do my Federal and State returns. It cost me 19.95. It was easy and I got a return on both. I did owe state tax, so they took both of them. I ended up paying 130.00 for my state arrears. I knew I owed, but I will definitely use this site again. I still feel like I came out ahead.

3/8/2020 by Very fast & e- file was easy. I would recomend this service

Very good service. See you next year

3/8/2020 by Israel Rodriguez

I'm so glad I found ezTaxReturn, easy to use and so reasonable!! 5 Stars!!!

3/8/2020 by Lori Hill

Very easy been using a couple yrs love it.

3/8/2020 by Kevin McNeil

I have a simple tax filing but it's always good to use EZTaxreturn knowing they are current with the new tax laws. Quick and easy!

3/8/2020 by Margo

Have used ezTax for several years. If you have all your information collected it is just a matter of filling in the blanks. ezTax asks you questions that help you maximize your refund and not overlook any additional income you may have forgotten. I like that I can log out, come back to it later (hours or days), and resume where I left off.

3/8/2020 by Sonia

Easy, inexpensive and perfect for w-2 employees with uncomplicated taxes to file. Recommend.

3/8/2020 by Owen Verrone

Easy to use and not expensive. Have used you for years.

3/8/2020 by Victoria

Great, efficient and user-friendly

3/8/2020 by Clif Bloemendaal

So easy. So fast. So reliable. Have been using eztax for over 10 yrs. Only gets BETTER!!

3/8/2020 by Debbie Glinski

Fast, easy and well worth it!

3/8/2020 by Jennifer

Been using ezTaxReturn for years. Easy and user friendly.

3/8/2020 by Kathleen Brassard

I've used this service for years and just love it. They are great and accurate and help you as you go. Hard to make a mistake. And very cheap!!!!

3/8/2020 by Stan

Quick and easy. I felt that the security steps in place were very good. The process of completing an amended tax return worked quite well.

3/8/2020 by Bob

this is so easy to use, way better than filling out paper forms and they will help if you do have any problems.

3/8/2020 by Vincent Dove

5 Star

3/8/2020 by Renatha Knighton

My taxes was a success I was please with the service and would return again next year if it's God will

3/8/2020 by Todd

Been using eztax for ages. Always has been quick, easy and with fast refunds.

3/8/2020 by Michele L

Quick and Easy to use. Will use it again next year

3/8/2020 by Kaiping

It was easy and quick.

3/8/2020 by James Newman

Forget the rest; EZ's the best! Tax filing is not one of those tasks that are high on my list, but this year it was actually enjoyable, thanks to EZ. Don't look elsewhere.

3/8/2020 by Alita A Alsheimer

I've used eztax return for years! Love it! Fast, reliable and easy!

3/8/2020 by Maria Conway

It was quick and easy

3/8/2020 by Anthony Keipp

Very quick and easy.

3/8/2020 by Jenny Sue Reynolds

It was very easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Katie

I have used for many years. Always quick easy and accurate.

3/8/2020 by Loyd

Easy process

3/8/2020 by Diane

I've been using ezTaxReturn for the past few years and find it easy to use. The hardest part is getting my paperwork together but doing the return is the easy part. Everything is calculated for you. It's nice that it's free, at least in my state, if you make under a certain amount. I actually found out about it one year on the federal IRS website when I was looking for a free site to do my returns online. I've been using it ever since.

3/8/2020 by Rhonda

Easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Brian G

fast and easy, got my refund in 10 days

3/8/2020 by Linda Schulter

Quick, easy to do and we received our refund very quickly. Only sorry we didn't look at this type of service long before this. Could have saved a $100+ fee each year (having an accountant do this) when it was only a simple return and no extra schedules.

3/8/2020 by Angel R

This is my first time doing my own taxes. I always paid to get it done. But this experience was amazing, easy and quick. For now on I continue doing it with ez tax return. I love it.

3/8/2020 by Colleen

Just like they say "Quick and Easy". I have come back to them for a few years and plan to do so in the future.

3/8/2020 by James W Nelson

very easy and fast. last year and this i got a refund in a very short time

3/8/2020 by James

Very easy to use ,enter info and verify accuracy!

3/8/2020 by Thomas T.

Awesome no bull and no Tricks . Tell your Friends!

3/8/2020 by Colleen

Quick and Easy, just like they say. I will return and use their services.

3/8/2020 by Carl Wyatt

The best and easiest tax prep ever. Very straight forward and simple.

3/8/2020 by Theresa

Great place to do your taxes I recommend it. Fast and easy. Plus you can look up past returns if needed.

3/8/2020 by Wallace

I've been using this service for many years and it has always been great!

3/8/2020 by Dan Conley

Excellent job

3/8/2020 by Madeline

Easy to use fast but when trying to see return status it just gives same info. No way to really track your return. No update provided.

3/8/2020 by Larry

They are truly ez. I use them every year. Tried others but they don't compare.

3/8/2020 by Brittani

Great. Quick and easy

3/8/2020 by Eddie W

Clean format and easy to use for what was a moderately complex return. Definitely will use again next year.

3/8/2020 by Nhutson

Quick & easy to follow

3/8/2020 by Lois Mathis

Best place I ever filed. Had all my info from last yr. to just pull up and make a couple of $ amount changes. Fast refund too. Love it.

3/8/2020 by Douglas Kunst

Totally satisfied with the program. Had several questions about deductions. My questions were answered in a timely manner and were very helpful and informative. I highly recommend ez tax for anyone looking for easy and affordable way to do your taxes.

3/8/2020 by Lynne

Easy to follow program and very efficient. Got my refund in no time.

3/8/2020 by Karen Peters

My third year using. Easy and prompt refunds.

3/8/2020 by Maria

Really happy with this tax services!!

3/8/2020 by Barb D

This was my second year using ezTaxReturn. It is easy to follow steps and my return was accurate both times. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to the website. Thanks EZTax Return for the free filing of my IRS tax return and for doing my state taxes at such a low cost. Very satisfied with your service!!

3/8/2020 by Bonnie Priebe

I have never used this before and decided to try. Very easy and only paid for WI tax return. Extremely cheap compared to what I had used previously!! Would recommend this to anyone!!

3/8/2020 by John

Free and easy!

3/8/2020 by Tina

I love it. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Ariel Bondoc

Thanks for making my tax return so simple and easy

3/8/2020 by Alan Bates Sr.

Fast and easy to follow. Will use next year. PS. Refund was very fast!

3/8/2020 by Connie Campbell


3/8/2020 by Darlene

Super easy,! Allot of information pref-fills itself if you have used before. Does calculations for you!

3/8/2020 by Horst

Very quick and easy to do !

3/8/2020 by Karen Brown

So thorough and easy will use every year!!!

3/8/2020 by MCGahn

Have used for many years. Very easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Anthony Dalessandro

Great service. Accurate and to the point. Seems to cover all facets required of your tax return. Reasonably priced.

3/8/2020 by Matthew

Great choice found a other tax program but it gave wrong information for 2019 tax. Thanks for being a better provider!

3/8/2020 by Cheri

Very thorough and easy to use. Fast turn around!

3/8/2020 by Charles

Very Easy

3/8/2020 by Pauli

Quick, easy, painless.

3/8/2020 by Ronnie Simmons

I would recommend this service to anyone. I filed both my federal and state tax returns using ezTaxReturn and it was simple, easy and quick!

3/8/2020 by GWJN

I have been using them for years and have had no problems.

3/8/2020 by Angela M

I have filed my Federal & State taxes with the website for more than 5 years. While my tax each year has different entries necessary, the guided questions always make it easy & fast to accurately complete the tax forms needed each year. If I have a question, like should I complete this line item...there is always an easy way to find the answer using the website. It is much more affordable than paying someone e lse to do it for you!!

3/8/2020 by Jim M

Been using for years now. Always easy to use and worry free.

3/8/2020 by Brenda R

I found ezTaxReturn years ago and will always use them. The site is user friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!



3/8/2020 by mudbiu8g

does not hold age against you like others do.

3/8/2020 by Janice G

Fantastic step by step instructions. Couldn't have been any easier. Thank you

3/8/2020 by John Wheat

Much easier. They thought of everything. And Schedule D was a breeze compared to my experience in the past.

3/8/2020 by Robbie G

Filing was so easy and if your info is correct it will apply the proper deductions. And it was free.

3/8/2020 by Shera

Very easy for a simple to regular return. Don't know about complex returns

3/8/2020 by E.

Got it done fast. You fill out information required, they crunch the numbers and give you advice as to what the best option is. It's like having your personal accountant helping you. Also, very reasonably priced. I would recommend.

3/8/2020 by K Bell

Since we've used this service for several years, all of our previous information is already in the system which makes it so easy and fast to file our taxes!

3/8/2020 by Vic

Delighted with the ease, what a surprise compared to the irs e-file program. Can't go wrong with easy and free! Not much in life for "free".

3/8/2020 by DEJA


3/8/2020 by Madlooper

Quick and Easy

3/8/2020 by PAT

Responsive and efficient. Timely refund and considerably more than I expected. Thanks for your help.

3/8/2020 by Stephen Earl

Easy and fast thanks.

3/8/2020 by Joshua Graham

I had an issue with a state tax rejection and customer support helped me resolve my issue quickly and efficiently.

3/8/2020 by Cameron

Easy to use, fast feedback.

3/8/2020 by Michael

Very easy site to navigate and fast .Helpful tech support. I highly recommend and will use again

3/8/2020 by Cynthia Meisman

Very easy and Free will use it next year 5 Stars

3/8/2020 by Lynn Gottschalk y

So easy and fast!

3/8/2020 by Michael For Estefa

My daughter needed to do taxes to get a refund of about $100. Not worth paying someone to do it so I used his online program to teach her how to complete her own taxes. It was easy and quick. It was fun doing this with my daughter.

3/8/2020 by Janice

This was my second year using this brilliant tool. It is easy to navigate and user friendly and gets you the biggest refund possible.

3/8/2020 by Ronald Lesech

Thank you for having this program..we have used it last year and this year...easy to understand and use

3/8/2020 by Simone L.

Step by step instructions so easy to follow

3/8/2020 by Gregory Schroeder

My first e-filing and it was easy and I will definitely be back next year. Thanks

3/8/2020 by Ryan Stapleton

Absolutely the best!! Fast and easy.

3/8/2020 by Dale

ezTaxReturn had easy steps to use, along with helpful explanations during the process. I highly recommend this tax company!

3/8/2020 by Gene Parrish

Yours is the only one that works and doesn't cost an arm and leg.

3/8/2020 by Adrian

Highly recommended! Fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by GK

Very easy to use, I came back again this year because TurboTrick is still being dishonest about their fees.

3/8/2020 by Sisan

Works quickly, and nice that annoying long account numbers, for example, are saved from year to year.

3/8/2020 by Patrick

Good! Thanks.

3/8/2020 by LindaT

I have used ezTaxReturn for a number of years. I have also used it to do my kids tax returns. I find it user friendly.

3/8/2020 by Alan


3/8/2020 by L Ballard

Process was quick and easy with answers to the questions I had while doing my tax return. I've used them for several years without any problems.

3/8/2020 by Latifah Raoof

I have been doing taxes for 7 years with this company. Its thorough, fast and easy. I have been satisfied with my tax returns and my refunds. It's a great site for itemized deductions. I highly recommend this site.

3/8/2020 by Tim

EZ Pleazy, Lemon Squeezy

3/8/2020 by Michele Peters

Truly easy and quick

3/8/2020 by Christi

I have used extaxreturn for 2 years now. It is easy to use and reasonable in price. I will continue to be a satisfied customer!

3/8/2020 by Rey H

Ease on completing all required info, quick filing resulted in quick refund. Free filing on fed and reasonable fee on state return. Will definitely switch from traditional filing.

3/8/2020 by Nina Katnic

Easy steps on the computer to file my tax returns.

3/8/2020 by Ricardo Chavez

Easy and well guided process, I am very pleased of the service

3/8/2020 by Brigitte Lewis

Very easy to use had no problems. Filed and got my refund already. Highly recommend

3/8/2020 by Mary Ann

Simple, fast and easy to use

3/8/2020 by Barbars

5 years... not one problem

3/8/2020 by Linda F

This was the 2nd year I free-filed with ezTaxReturn, and once again I was very pleased! It really was quick and easy, and I received my refund from the IRS via direct deposit in only 9 days! Thanks ezTaxReturn!

3/8/2020 by Wanda

Very easy , would highly recommend to others, with simple taxes!

3/8/2020 by Kileen Hourigan

Very easy , would highly recommend to others, with simple taxes!

3/8/2020 by Debra Prosen

Very easy to use. Takes you through each question. Quick reply.

3/8/2020 by Jennie Greene

It was an excellent experience, as usual. The question I had before I filed was answered promptly.

3/8/2020 by Carl

The best and fastest tax service that I ever used.

3/8/2020 by Darrell M.

I have used this service since 2012 and it is very easy and efficient. I was looking at Credit Karma this year and even though they say it is free, it is only free for basic returns. The reviews I read on the software issues and delays on refunds, made me realize it is worth the small fee to stay with your company. Could not be happier. I had my state refund in 5 days and my federal in 25 days. I even got a discount on filing both fed and state. I highly recommend ezTaxReturn.

3/8/2020 by Steve W

The whole process was very easy to use and we got our refund back in record time.

3/8/2020 by Rich

Easy and very comprehensive

3/8/2020 by Doug Businger

Easy, thorough and stress free. Thanks for a great service.

3/8/2020 by Frank Hansen

This is the second year we have used ezTaxReturn. It is simple to use, just follow the prompts. Our return was completed in less than 30 minutes, accepted the next day and our refund was on the way in a week.

3/8/2020 by Ken Kellogg (no relationship)

Had a problem entering pension data from a 1099-R form, (kept going in circles) but their experts fixed it with only a couple of e-mails. Been with 'em since 2014

3/8/2020 by Robert

Easy to do, been using for years. One problem I had was I couldn't file married but separate. ezTaxReturn program did not have the form to use in Arizona because of being a community property state. Wish they would have fixed that.

3/8/2020 by Janet Owen

Quick, easy and free! I got both refunds in less than a week. I'll file again with you next year

3/8/2020 by George

Easy to use for our yearly income tax preparations. The customer service is excellent. They immediately answer all my questions. We'll definitely use ezTaxReturn again. Thanks!

3/8/2020 by Hector

Super EZ as always, I've been using this site for over 7 years and I'm never disappointed.

3/8/2020 by Gabriel

Second year in a row very happy to deal with them. Can't wait for next year. Awesome!!!!!!!

3/8/2020 by Randy

Very easy step-by-step and very thorough program will be using this every year.

3/8/2020 by Debra

Quick and Easy!

3/8/2020 by Lynn

Would recommend this site to others. First time user and will be using again next year.

3/8/2020 by Jason Woods

Third year using ezTaxReturn and not sure it could become any easier!!

3/8/2020 by Tina Brown

Everything on this site way easy to navigate.

3/8/2020 by Cameton

Second time using your services. It was just as easy as the first time.

3/8/2020 by Anna Crose

Fast and easy to complete. Thank you

3/8/2020 by Patricia H

I have used EZTAX for several years now. Their process is quite understandable in filling out my returns. I also use their state tax option and am alway quite satisfied with how easy it is . Any time I had questions they responded in a very timely manner. Highly recommend this tax service.

3/8/2020 by Paul Cubbage

Almost not confusing! An achievement with taxes!

3/8/2020 by Sheila D

I have patronized ezTaxReturn for 9 years and Love IT! ezTaxReturn is reliable and stays abreast of the modified tax laws. in addition, their services are affordable! and I receive my refund promptly!! Finally, I have complete confidence in using their services and have recommended its services to my family members!

3/8/2020 by TOM JONES

worked well and no problems at this time and was happy with the costs as the USA want taxes done on line ..

3/8/2020 by Mary Dea

It was very straight forward and done easily. I used direct deposit for my refund and received it in one week. I love the fact that I can monitor the status of my tax return.

3/8/2020 by Tammie Duncan

Quick and easy process.

3/8/2020 by Mary H Dennis

I have been using ezTaxReturn for years and am very pleased. Very simple, they guide you step by step. I would highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by Earl

Easy, simple process. Walks you through each step needed, good easy to understand explanations along the way. Fast completion of Federal return and easy filing. Usually do my State return on ezTaxReturn at the same time, but unable to complete my 2019 State return as this site would not allow me to enter on my State return any of the 2019 estimated payments I had made over the year to the State of CA... so, had to complete my State return elsewhere this year. Otherwise, the Federal and State returns are seamless.

3/8/2020 by Melanie

I went through the site and this was one for which I was eligible. I have used it several times. It is user friendly and free! When I needed help, the contact was readily available.

3/8/2020 by Kim Blue

It was very helpful and easy it went step by step and i will definitely use again next year

3/8/2020 by Maria Luisa Callelero

It's my first time. My nephew introduced me on your website. He was using it for quite sometimes already and it's really a great help. My brother and I are really so thankful for your site. It was so easy to fill out all the following questions and by just reading and answering the necessary question will lead you to it's purpose. It was so fast and the charge charge was reasonable. I would say that ezTaxReturn really help a lot of people with their needs especially on this matter. Thank you so much for the great help.

3/8/2020 by AJ

It does not get any cheaper, faster or reliable as this.

3/8/2020 by Mary Lou Hughes

Been using this service for many years. I keep coming back because it's so easy to use, and it automatically prefills standard info. I always use the option to be walked through step-by-step so I know everything is covered. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by Ken Nielsen

I switched over to ezTaxReturn this year because the other site I have used for years has become too difficult to use. This web site is clean and intuitive and easy to use. The only negative that I can think of was that the price was a little higher than I expected but considering the lower stress level maybe it was worth it.

3/8/2020 by Komlan Gbogbo

My filing process was well-detailed throughout every step. Compare to my previous eFile system used, I really do feel more comfortable with the ezTaxReturn application.

3/8/2020 by Joe Southard

Have been using ezTaxReturn for many years always easy love using them and will continue to do so

3/8/2020 by Debra Yanko

Year after year I keep coming back. That should explain everything you need to know, reputable, easy, fast and my records are kept year after year!!

3/8/2020 by William Benton

I found your ezTax very user friendly and the price was unbeatable.

3/8/2020 by Dennis

Easy to use and no worries when using your exTaxReturn service.

3/8/2020 by James

Outstanding service

3/8/2020 by Edward Mullineaux

This year was a really easy tax filing. Had my refund within a week. ezTaxReturn return was great

3/8/2020 by Joe Katz

Worked as good as TaxAct which I used for years and this is much cheaper. Only problem was not understanding when to download last years info.

3/8/2020 by Karen

first timer--quick and easy :)

3/8/2020 by Michele

I've been using ezTaxReturn for the last 4 years. I wish I would've known about it sooner. Great price and definitely User friendly. I even have my teenagers using it and they also find it EZ!

3/8/2020 by Patrick Van Eyck

Name is truly accurate - ezTaxReturn makes doing taxes simple and fast. I recommend you to all my co-workers every year.

3/8/2020 by Nancy

Great product!! Easy to use, step by step :)

3/8/2020 by Jim

I have been using EZ for several years and find their services to be not only excellent but very user friendly!! I intend to use them for my income tax needs for the foreseeable future!!

3/8/2020 by S Garner

I have uses program for more than 15 years I believe and it never disappoints fast easy accurate! Aptly named!

3/8/2020 by Carol Nelson

ezTaxReturn is so easy to use... and free! I'd recommend you to everyone!

3/8/2020 by Roberta Chonko

Been using ezTaxReturn for years now and have never had any issues. The best!!!!!!

3/8/2020 by K. Edwards

I have been filing with ezTaxReturn for about 5 years now. Not ONCE have I ever had any issues. They make it simple to fill out everything as well as they are a legitimate business with reasonable fees and you can file your state taxes as well. Amazing company

3/8/2020 by LAN

Easy, cheap and very fast! No hidden fees like the other tax preparers.

3/8/2020 by Stacy Senase

Thanks for being there for me.

3/8/2020 by Elisa

Easy and fast would highly recommend...

3/8/2020 by Vicki

So easy and helpful. Walks you step by step through the process.

3/8/2020 by Jenny

Absolutely will use again. So easy and quick

3/8/2020 by Susan H Franco

Process was easy, thorough, and quick to file. Tax refund was timely. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Fred Homan

This is my second year. Great service. Took no more than twenty minutes, and it was done.

3/8/2020 by Rebeca

Love the process

3/8/2020 by Miriam Vidal

i have been using eztaxreturn since 2012 i'm always pleased with the process. it's easy, affordable and very reliable.

3/8/2020 by Ann

I found ezTaxReturn last year and it made the process of filing so easy and even enjoyable, compared to the very hard process of doing it myself, not knowing if I wrote down the right number or if I made any mistakes. Easy as 1, 2, 3, DONE. I recommend ezTaxReturn highly.

3/8/2020 by Alan

Very simple to use!

3/8/2020 by Joyce Anderson

This truly is EZ and correct. I have used ezTaxReturn for the last 3 years and have found it easy and affordable.

3/8/2020 by P R Downing

With the guide me through option it became very self-explanatory. Ot was easy to use.

3/8/2020 by David Curran

Second year using. Very easy to use and also efficiently processes refunds and/or payments info.

3/8/2020 by Michael S FineFrock

It was very good you get your refund fast

3/8/2020 by Karen Haddock

This was quite simple which I didn't mind at all doing. I've always paid to have mine done which usually cost up to $300. I plan to use this method from now on.

3/8/2020 by Ed Slack

Easy, effective, accurate, fast

3/8/2020 by Abby

Easy to use, clear and simple, and it imported my information from the other tax program, saving me a lot of time and headaches. My returns are pretty simple so I can't rate it for more complex needs however.

3/8/2020 by NancySue

Loved the ease of using exTaxReturn. Will use it in the future.

3/8/2020 by Mark

This is an easy way to file your taxes. The step by step instructions are so easy to follow.

3/8/2020 by Jenay S.

Fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by Holly

Very easy to use. They were very proactive and answered all my questions quickly. I will definitely use again

3/8/2020 by Terri

I like that it takes me step by step; queries me; and gives me time to stop, get information and return. Once you have gone through this a couple of times you are set to go for collecting documents for the next tax season. I also like that keep you updated during the year to talk about changes coming up.

3/8/2020 by Blanca Colon

Very quick and easy. The system guides one through the whole process and has answers to questions. I received both refunds rather fast.

3/8/2020 by Rita

Easier than the one I used before.

3/8/2020 by Lonnie

I have used this service for 6 years and never had a problem with my taxes. I would recommend this site for anyone who has tried other sites and have gotten their return rejected. It's cheap, doesn't take that long, and is easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Sandy

Totally easy and fast. I had gone to Jackson Hewitt And they wanted to charge me $15o for a simple filing which I turned down and went home and did my own and I came up with the same amount for a refund. This is a great way to file!!

3/8/2020 by Cindy

Quick and easy!

3/8/2020 by Bonnie is the best I've ever used; that's why I keep returning to it year after year. No complaints - only praise!

3/8/2020 by James Epps

Superb service.

3/8/2020 by F O'Conlon

Been using ezTax for years, Cannot believe it could get better or more simpler but it does every year. Top Notch ezTax. How long it takes depends on how fast you can use a keyboard. Guess What! It is truly free.. Oorah

3/8/2020 by Nicole Taylor

So simple my teenager probably could have done it!

3/8/2020 by Cherokee

Phenomenal program to use when filing your taxes. It was fast and easy! I use to use turbo tax and didn't care for it, so I found this one to be better!

3/8/2020 by David R

I've used TurboTax (they always end up charging me), then another free file service (website not well laid out making things more complicated than needed), and finally ezTaxReturn. ezTaxReturn, luckily, I found to be truly easy, and for me, free. If you wish, for ease, state taxes are just a small fee for the convenience. Five stars, truly. Thank you.

3/8/2020 by Candace Kelsey

I have used you service for years. Always easy and always excellent.

3/8/2020 by Joe Cotta

This is the easiest tax filing ever! Have used EZTax for many years. It is the best.

3/8/2020 by Anne Connors

A well designed, easy to use program.

3/8/2020 by Fernando Escobar

I find the process to file simple, and effective. I've used this service for three consecutive years wihout any problems, or hassles. The return amount has always been what I received.

3/8/2020 by Alex

Easy to use and highly recommended.

3/8/2020 by Judi Bergh

This is the second year I have used EZTax as I have never done taxes by myself. I had a few questions this year and they returned my call immediately and resolved my concern. It was very easy to do and I would highly recommend that you use EZTax.

3/8/2020 by GREG

Have used this for the past 2 years- I am very happy with the results and the ease of filing. Takes the headaches out of worrying about making mistakes and or missing something. ( I pay them to file my State taxes because I appreciate the ease of filing everything together and wanted to donate anyway so they stay the way they are.) Hope you stay the same as you are currently- much appreciated. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by Alice

Very easy

3/8/2020 by Melissa

Quick and easy and very prompt with an answer when i emailed with a question. Definitely will use eztaxreturn next year

3/8/2020 by Robert Fowkes

easy as 3.1715926539

3/8/2020 by Carol

Very easy program and free for filing federal but not state returns.

3/8/2020 by Mary G

I have used ezTaxReturn for years. I am very happy with your service. Thank you!

3/8/2020 by A.C.

My recent experience with ezTax was the best of any online service that l've ever used. I have been filing online for over 10 years and this was the fastest (filed and received),best priced and the easiest that I have ever seen. I will continue next year!

3/8/2020 by Kurt

Second year using them; easy, painless, highly recommend them.

3/8/2020 by Barbara George

Very easy and fast return. Will definitely use service again. Thanks.

3/8/2020 by Fran Rosinski

Quick and easy. I have used for two years and never had any problems. Highly recommend.

3/8/2020 by Janet

Was done in about 90 minutes. Able to submit return and get it accepted, had refund back in less than a week. My return is simple but have to do it in order to get my refund.

3/8/2020 by Rosezeter Mcclain

I have been using ezTaxReturn for about 6 years and I will use nothing else. Its easy, accurate and very detailed. I refer all my friends and they no longer use anything else. See ya next year!!

3/8/2020 by Ava F.

Fast and easy, definitely recommend using their site .

3/8/2020 by Susan Curry

We've used eztax for several years and always are telling friends to try it! Very user friendly!

3/8/2020 by Mike McPeters

We have used eztaxreturn for years. It's easy, efficient, and easy to navigate.

3/8/2020 by jimr929

Very handy. Have used it for 2 years now with no problems. And the FREE price is great.

3/8/2020 by Vet

I have used EZTax for 9-10 years both with itemized and standard deductions. Definitely easy. Only objection is that my 2019 tax return is only available without a fee until April, 2020. Seems a little short to me dince my state return is not even due until June. Seems like it should be available n/c until April 2021.

3/8/2020 by Mary Ludke

Easy to use

3/8/2020 by Frank G

This is my fourth year using EZ... again, they removed all the guess work for me and provided an easy step by step guide to filing. Thank You EZ!

3/8/2020 by Richard

The best way to do taxes! You make everything simple.

3/8/2020 by Mel A

Definitely 5 stars. Much simpler and more straightforward than other free-file sites I've used in recent years. This was my first year using ez and I commend them for making it so easy.

3/8/2020 by Fred Corrigan

I did my taxes and they did a great job. it was easy and it worked well. I have received the federal tax money and I'm waiting on the state tax money. thanks for a great service FRED

3/8/2020 by Victoria S.

Been using this service for many years. Absolutely recommend it. So fast and easy!

3/8/2020 by billmcdonald

fast and easy

3/8/2020 by Dick

Easy to use and REALLY free. Federal and state taxes. Lot's of other services say they are free, but they are not. This one is. I will use again.

3/8/2020 by Ria Armentpr

Fast and easy!!

3/8/2020 by Linda

This is the second year I have used this product. It is very simple, asks you all the questions and is easy to move through the process. Highly recommended.

3/8/2020 by John C

No appointment necessary; returns completed in a single morning. So grateful to be able to do my taxes in the privacy and comfort of home -- an internet benefit! EZ tax's program is comprehensive.

3/8/2020 by John S

Almost too good to be true! Instructions were very clear, easy to read, quick to complete. Completed and filed in half the time I was prepared for. Finished so quick it left me without an excuse to avoid doing housework that day. :-)

3/8/2020 by Sue

It could not have been any easier. Thank you for great service.

3/8/2020 by Anna A

Seemingly effortless. I always choose the "hold my hand and walk me through the return" which is quick and gives me confidence that my return is accurate.

3/8/2020 by James Dye

Have been using Easy Tax for many years. Always easy , quick and all bases get covered . Never encountered a problem .

3/8/2020 by Percy

Fast and very easy to use.I will keep using it

3/8/2020 by Ron W.

First time using it, and it was easy to use. Finished faster than the one I had been using.

3/8/2020 by AJP

Easy to understand, fast to use, and it is FREE.

3/8/2020 by Alfred Morisey

Quick and easy to do

3/8/2020 by Jesse Williams

Quick and easy to do

3/8/2020 by P Wilson

Easy to use. My first time filing online.

3/8/2020 by B & R Condrey

Using for years always pleased so fast and user friendly!!! Fast refunds!!!

3/8/2020 by Alicia

Fast and easy. Have used for over 5 years and will continue to use.

3/8/2020 by Jimmie Bennett

Fast and easy.

3/8/2020 by Roger Stoltz

Great Work

3/8/2020 by Terry

Very easy to file and most of all, it is free!!!

3/8/2020 by Marty Garchar

I found your software the easiest of any of the online versions out there. Thanks

3/8/2020 by David

Easy to follow. Easy to file.

3/8/2020 by Vance Angle

Very easy to use. Plenty of help if needed. Reasonable prices. Finished our federa and state in less than 1 hour!

3/8/2020 by Yvonne Lopez

Easy to use

3/8/2020 by Esylvia

Very easy to use. There is small fee for filers who want to download a copy.

3/8/2020 by Tanya

I have used ezTaxReturn for years and never had a problem. Always accurate and prices are fair.Will use them in the future and recommend friends and family to use them.

3/8/2020 by Joseph Schichl

I've used ezTaxReturn for the last 6 years, they are by far the best, if I got a question I get a reply real fast. the IRS has never questioned my return.

3/8/2020 by Shirley Wheless

Quick and easy

3/8/2020 by Franklin

I have used this program 2 years in a row. It is very easy and fast!

3/8/2020 by Robert

All went well. Smooth, comprehensive and error free.

3/8/2020 by Lin

First time I filed with EZ I used my age, 84, in my password. Now, age 90, I still recommend you.

3/8/2020 by Eulanda

Easy as could be done from home.

3/8/2020 by Mike Coady

Great, no surprise cost after you spent time working on your return.

3/8/2020 by Dan M

Very easy to use. Got my refund very quickly!

3/8/2020 by Shirley Whitehurst

This was very easy to use. This was my first time using this type program and e-filing. Very satisfied with end result .

3/8/2020 by Michelle R

Very easy to use and very reasonable cost. Have used this a number of years now and keep coming back!

3/8/2020 by Pattie C

So easy doing my taxes and a fast refund.

3/8/2020 by Cliaci

Made my life easier

3/8/2020 by Pat

Wonderful experience.

3/8/2020 by Jack B

Easy to use and costs less what could be better?

3/8/2020 by A.S. Altieri

Super easy!

3/8/2020 by Ron M.

ezTaxReturn was very easy to use. I was glad to see that I was able to have easy access to the many worksheets needed to calculate my entries.

3/8/2020 by Melanie McVay

Pretty easy and reasonable.

3/8/2020 by Mike Schlueter

It was a little difficult determining when the entire process was complete.

3/8/2020 by William Pabon

I haven't heard anything from my tax refund or state tax owed!!

3/8/2020 by Josiah

Process is fast and software is easy to use.

3/8/2020 by Bill R.

Everything went smooth as silk. Very efficient.

3/8/2020 by Barb

As always, excellent service and reasonably priced.

3/8/2020 by Frank Poth

Excellent! Easy questions with optional help along the way.

3/8/2020 by Conrodney

Been with EZ TAX for years now. Love them

3/8/2020 by Lynn

Would recommend this site to others. First time user and will be using again next year.

3/9/2020 by BCM

You should state the cost of this service upfront. I thought it was a free until I got to the very end when I was asked for a credit card. I am also a first time user and will be using again next year. Would recommend this site to others.

3/9/2020 by Angie Shockley

More user friendly than some I've used. First time using this one but will be back as long as you don't change it. s

3/9/2020 by Joe Mortimer

Easy and effective, Thanks

3/9/2020 by Diane Kinder

I have been using EZ Tax for years. Site is very easy to understand and operate. Would highly recommend.

3/9/2020 by Dave

Usually do my own taxes, forced to choose e-filer site this year, chose EZ Tax from the list. The process was easy, mostly self explanatory and relatively quick. My filing uses several forms, the process assembled it correctly and uploaded to IRS easily. Recommend them.

3/9/2020 by Joseph Fleming

EZ is the best name for this company, because I don't see how they could make it any easier. I will definitely use it next year!

3/9/2020 by Estherfil Seminario

This is my second year using it, and it's fantastic. Step by step process makes filling your taxes a breeze.

3/9/2020 by William Lester

Have been using ezTaxReturn for six year and have been very pleased, also I have always said and still say ezTaxReturn has the best customer service of any company I have worked with thank you ezTaxReturn and will see you next year.

3/9/2020 by Doo Pyo Hong

Wonderful! Great!

3/9/2020 by Dylan

Awesome and Easy!!

3/9/2020 by Kathy

Very easy to use. Will use again.

3/9/2020 by Ron

Second time I used this site... Quick and simple.

3/9/2020 by Sandy Myers

Best online Tax Service. Much Better than TurboTax.

3/9/2020 by Shawnta

Quick Easy and User Friendly!!!! Make doing my taxes every year quick and easy.

3/9/2020 by Marlene Mock

Easy to use. Will use again next year. Thank you.

3/9/2020 by GEORGE SIDOR


3/9/2020 by Frank Marino

Great, will use again

3/9/2020 by Juan

Second time using ezTaxReturn and it worked out great, fast and easy I recommended to everyone.

3/9/2020 by Lauri

Have used ezTax 2 years now... happy customer, would definitely recommend!

3/9/2020 by Heather

I have used this tax service for the last several years and recommend it to anyone who wants to try to see if they could do their taxes on their own. The first year I did it I compared my refund to the year before having H&R Block do my taxes and I got a couple hundred more back with ezTaxReturn and I didn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to file. I own a home, have children, and student loan debt and ezTaxReturn walks you through how to fill everything out making it super easy and accessible to everyone.

3/9/2020 by Jeanette

Was easy fast and very understandable. Not to forget very affordable. Thanks, you will see me next year :)

3/9/2020 by Hector

The best way to do your taxes.

3/9/2020 by Marsha

Been using ezTaxReturn for years. It is an easy and fast way to do your taxes. I would recommend this site for anyone.

3/9/2020 by H. Tussing

ezTaxReturn is very easy to use. Will use again next year.

3/9/2020 by Carol J Krause

Have been using ezTaxReturn for years. So easy to use. Love them!

3/9/2020 by Bobby

Quick and easy with no deceptions on cost of service. No more TurboTax. Their "free" Federal tax return wasn't free.

3/9/2020 by James White

ezTaxReturn was recommended on the IRS website. Approaching it with caution, the system made filing our Federal Taxes fast and easy. It helped work through some difficulties created by personal record storage. It helped correct a mistake made in the reporting of information. Pleased with the professional materials and clear process, this tax filing system is highly rated in our household.

3/9/2020 by WR

I have been using for several years and it is very user-friendly.

3/9/2020 by Tamera

Fast and easy to use.

3/9/2020 by Candace

Excellent, have used for 5 years!

3/9/2020 by Nancyeab

Filing my return was fast and easy. The instructions were specific, easy to understand and and yielded a nice refund for me. The cost was about $250 less than what I used to pay an accountant. Thank you for simplifying this area of my life.

3/9/2020 by Paul

Very satisfied. Had some problems but all were solved with the people in the help section who were very nice. Have used ez Tax for a few years now.

3/9/2020 by Dr. Dave

This is the most intuitive software of all the filing programs that I've encountered. It even finds the forms that I miss completing and filing. There's been no software that ever beat the return amount that I have calculated by hand, but yours has for both years that I've used the program.

3/9/2020 by C.M.

This process was simple! Easy! And saved me lots of frustration and money! Yeah !

3/9/2020 by Cheryl

Very easy to use. Have been using for a few years now. Very pleased.

3/9/2020 by Sara Clark

Quick and easy

3/9/2020 by Melanie

First year using, found it very easy and cost less. Thanks!

3/9/2020 by Karen

Have used for the last few years and will continue using. Very easy because you can use the step by step option and it takes you through all the questions.

3/9/2020 by Kbee

Easy to use, fast, and efficient!! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

3/9/2020 by Timothy P. Adorjan

Very very successful, and excellent combined tax return efilings were prepared. Thank you for helping me to do my combined tax return efilings with using of my VITA volumter on my computer. See me next March, next year for efilings with my combined tax returns. See you there.

3/9/2020 by Anne Marie

ezTaxReturn has been my choice for almost a decade. Never an issue with using there program. When I have had questions in the past I was able to use one of their communication platforms and have answers swiftly. Highly recommend!

3/9/2020 by Rose

Easy to use

3/9/2020 by Erica

I have used EZ Tax for two years now. It's easy to use and i plan to continue using in years to come.

3/9/2020 by Harry Parker

I had no problem till I was ready to file. Got confused on my confirmation number, couldn't find it. Didn't know I had to wait for the IRS to send it. I will use it again next year.

3/9/2020 by Kathleen Finnerty

Very easy thorough accurate and I love being able to do my taxes myself because of you thank you

3/9/2020 by Frank

Found EZTax after i felt i was being gouged for a 2nd year by TurboTax. My first experience with EZTax went so well it will not be my last

3/9/2020 by Diane

I've used them the last couple of years. Very easy to use their program. They walk you through the steps. I've received a refund every year.

3/9/2020 by Louise

First time user, a bit difficult to navigate the program. Used another type for years before going out of business. May use this one again since it was free and account is set up.

3/9/2020 by Kathryn Lopez

I feel confident that I am in good hands. Thank you for providing the best in service.

3/9/2020 by Angel Marie

Never knew taxes could be stress free until I tried EZTaxReturn. I won't use the other guys no more now.

3/9/2020 by BJ Tom

Easy to use the site. I will use it again.

3/9/2020 by Allan

Worked easily and well, I mistyped an I.D. number off of a 1099 and the IRS rejected my form but these folks showed me where the error was and I fixed it and resubmitted in 5 min. I'll be using this next year!

3/9/2020 by Jack C

Have used this service for the past two years. Very user-friendly and of course, "EZ". Would highly recommend.

3/9/2020 by Ron Lussier

Best thing I've ever done regarding taxes. It was just too easy. Thanks..


I have been using ezTaxReturn since 2006. Its service is very user friendly. more discounts for returns for continuance use of service should be available and easy to find. Other than that, I'm a loyal customer. And have advised others to do the same. One reason why is because i go thru the IRS and it is a secure website.

3/9/2020 by MARIO

Been using ezTax Return for over 10 years. Very easy and safe with your information

3/9/2020 by Lee

Especially easy when returning each year.

3/9/2020 by O

Easy to use and lower prices!!

3/9/2020 by Jeffrey Hoffman

Quick,easy and have been using it for years.

3/9/2020 by Charlene

Excellent, and fast.

3/9/2020 by Kimberly Hart

Made filing my taxes simple and fast. Even when I had many deductions to enter. It walked me through step by step. If I had a problem, I emailed them and they respond almost immediately. Very helpful customer service!

3/9/2020 by Kathy

Have been using ezTax for several years. Says it all in the name: easy!

3/9/2020 by A Clark

Selected from the IRS website, great and easy experience. Will use again.

3/9/2020 by Jonathan Fortin

I checked and started on two other sites, both wanted so much information I didn't feel they needed, so I kept looking around. No more IRS site for filing, so I checked this site out, and it was perfect. Needed an EZ form, and was able to quickly and easily file my return. I will use this site next year as well, if it is still available.

3/9/2020 by Bill Allen

Great program, easy to use and fast response.

3/9/2020 by Linda

I've used for several years now and it's easy to use, let's you go through step by step, and I would recommend it to everyone!!

3/9/2020 by Antionette Glenn

Everything was processed professionally and my return was on time and corrected as needed thank you.

3/9/2020 by Carol Trainor

Easy, Fast, Reliable

3/9/2020 by Carol John

Amazing. That is my word to describe the ease and speed of ezTaxReturn. Thank You.

3/9/2020 by MCB

Easiest solution for filing!

3/9/2020 by MARGIE


3/9/2020 by Chevona Carey

Very user friendly, I'm very satisfied with this product.

3/9/2020 by Mary Goodwin

This is the second year i have used ezTaxReturn and it couldn't be easier or more thorough. They walk you through step by step. I'm a senior and I don't have a terribly complicated return but every step, every box is identified and explained. My federal return was completely free but my state was not.

3/9/2020 by C. Kuntz

This is my 4th year to file my return through ezTaxReturn. The step by step process is simple and easy to follow. I will definitely return again next year!

3/9/2020 by Cecilia Medina

Excellent tax prep software. Easy to use with FAQs to help along the way. Will use it again!

3/9/2020 by Cathy

I have used ezTaxReturn for at least 3 years and have been very happy with the process. They help me decide whether to itemize or claim the standard deduction. I also use them to file my state returns even though I have to pay. I trust this program.

3/9/2020 by Adam

Was the best way to do my taxes.

3/9/2020 by Tammy

Free federal tax return. easy and comprehensive. Would use again and recommend for those with low to medium income single renters.

3/9/2020 by Early Wright

Very simple. Took only about 40 minutes!

3/9/2020 by Steven & Jeannine Stewart

Fast and very easy to file. Took less than an hour on 1/30/20 and IRS received on 1/31/20. However, it has now been 39 days since I e-filed and refund should have been received within 21 days. Impossible to get a live person at IRS to say why my refund is still being processed after 21 days and when we called ezTaxReturn and I was told there was nothing they could do "out of our hands". Don't understand the delay. Completely easy return with no special deductions.

3/9/2020 by Julia


3/9/2020 by Philly

painless! couldn't have been any easier.

3/9/2020 by David Kesner

Excellent,easy to use and accurate. I have used ezTaxReturn for several years. Always have had a fast refund. Good product

3/9/2020 by Steve Z

About as easy as it gets, thanks !

3/9/2020 by John Hott

I closed out a small mutual fund in 2019. I received additional 1099 forms that I had no idea what to do with these forms. ezTaxReturn asked the right questions and I was able to enter all the information correctly (I hope).

3/9/2020 by Elizabeth Mirabito

Very Good

3/9/2020 by Rick

Was surprised how fast I got my refund, very happy with ezTaxReturn.

3/9/2020 by Karen G

Quick and easy

3/9/2020 by Cindy B

made me feel safe giving my personal information...........quick and easy:)))))

3/9/2020 by Shirley Hyman

No surprises. ezTaxReturn does exactly what it advertises.

3/9/2020 by KAROL K

I've been using them for years and was really disappointed that I wasn't able to use them for my free-file tax return last year. I was thrilled when I was able to use them this year because it is so easy to use and takes no time at all.

3/9/2020 by Brenda

3rd year using. ezTaxReturn is easy to navigate!

3/9/2020 by Billr920

Was thorough and helpful, smooth all the way to filing.

3/9/2020 by J. J.

Great site for accurate/efficient tax help!!

3/9/2020 by Jdog

everything was easy to do and step by step instructions

3/9/2020 by Scott Campbell

I am a retired CPA. Your software was easy to use and the cost was very reasonable.

3/9/2020 by Trina Wambold

Very easy to use. I've tried other tax services, but like ezTaxReturn the best. I've used it for a few years now and will continue to.

3/9/2020 by LK

Quick & Easy

3/9/2020 by Anthony

Very quick and easy.

3/9/2020 by Hollis Buring

Easy to use.

3/9/2020 by VICKIE

Easy especially for Seniors and Free.

3/9/2020 by Mary

It's really easy.

3/9/2020 by Brigitte

ez to file

3/9/2020 by V

Tax experience was extremely simple. Very easy to complete

3/9/2020 by Judy

I tried ezTaxReturn for the first time and it really was so easy. It took about 20 minutes to do. I filed my taxes electronically & got my Federal refund check in 9 days! Just when I needed it. I will definitely use this again next year to do my taxes. Not only did I get more back, but I got it back quicker than ever and it didn't even cost me anything. ezTaxReturn is amazing!

3/9/2020 by Woodrow

Fast and accurate

3/9/2020 by Pat

I had a good a fairly good experience, the ezTaxReturn program was user friendly, my big disappointment was the surprise payment, I wasn't expecting to pay for such a simply return. Now I know.

3/9/2020 by Martha Crawley

Fast, easy, and money from the Fed 3 weeks

3/9/2020 by VRivera

Great detail and organized and very helpful and Thoreau made it very easy for me to navigate and answer my questions and add my information

3/9/2020 by Crystal Munoz

I couldn't ask for a more easier way to do my taxes. I've used ezTaxReturn for at least five years now and plan on using them for years to come. Thanks.

3/9/2020 by CS

Very easy and quick. I think it was more accurate than I would have done on my own.

3/9/2020 by Ruthi

Tried first time last year, I am clueless when it comes to filing but tried and it was easy so tried again this year and it was again easy and it shows how to do it step by step. I sue am recommend it to others.

3/9/2020 by Kenna

As the name says: easy to file this way & way way cheaper I highly recommend it (unless your tax situation is complicated, of course) I've used this company for the past 3 years with no issues

3/9/2020 by Donald Hassler

I have used this site for several years now and am very satisfied with it.

3/9/2020 by ROBERT

Easy to navigate and use. Makes an otherwise unpleasant task (filing taxes) less painful, especially if you need multiple forms. Will definitely use again. See you next year! Thanks!

3/9/2020 by Gordon Landis

2nd year using it. Not sure about some things last year, but this year was much easier. Had my return in 10 days.

3/9/2020 by Nancy Valente

This is my third year using ezTaxReturn. The process is fast and thorough. I use the step by step process--it allows me the opportunity to ask questions to ensure that I include the information I need to submit an accurate return. They efile my return--no worries there. I trust them so much that I recommended eztax return to friends. Thank you ez for making tax return filing the best experience ever!

3/9/2020 by Karen L Brunson

Really was fast and easy. Thanks.

3/9/2020 by Edgar S.

Did my own after retirement,started this year but did not not feel right about refund, Used eztax and got $400 difference.will use from now on.

3/9/2020 by Penny

very easy to use.

3/9/2020 by Jennifer

I have used several online filing people. ezTaxReturn was easy, it helped walk me through potential errors, and kept me up to date on the status. I will be returning next year! I was skeptical at first as I had not heard of them, but they were recommended to me by the IRS website. So I gave it a shot because who knows what I need from the IRS more than the actual IRS? I WILL be a return customer next year!

3/9/2020 by Kimberlee

So EASY and great returns!!!!!

3/10/2020 by Kecia M

Second consecutive year that I've used ezTaxReturn. Each time the process was quick and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend their service, you will not be disappointed.

3/10/2020 by Thad Hurd

I thought filing would be free this year for me as it was last year, however it was not. The positive side is that it was fast and easy to complete.

3/10/2020 by Melody Smith

I have used for years now. This site is safe, fast, easy and have had no mistakes or problems. Thanks!!!

3/10/2020 by Elena

I love using ezTaxReturn and hope to never have to file my taxes using any other provider. Their guide me options make quick and easy to file. It takes me less than an hour to complete both my Federal and State Returns. I highly recommend them to anyone that files their return online.

3/10/2020 by Don & Donna

We just followed the instructions step by step and all went well. Thank You.

3/10/2020 by Larry

I have been using for about 6 years and no complaints. Fast and easy to use.

3/10/2020 by Pauline Reese

This was my first time using the service. I am very pleased with the easy filing process

3/10/2020 by Clarence

Very good!!!!!!!!!!!

3/10/2020 by Reinaldo

Super fast and easy.

3/10/2020 by M. Ridgewell

Very easy and helpful. Got my refund within 10 days.

3/10/2020 by Elda Radia

Easy, Reliable, and FREE!!!

3/10/2020 by Kevin

I found the federal filing process to be simple. It was for more expedient than Turbo Tax proved previously to be.

3/10/2020 by James Hess


3/10/2020 by Claude

better then I expected was scared to try filling myself

3/10/2020 by Sheila

Fast and easy!!! Wouldn't use any other filing service!!

3/10/2020 by Joseph Gutman

very helpful -timely response. good explanation of issues /great product and more importantly excellent customer service.--thanks

3/10/2020 by Melissa

This is my second year to use eztax return and it really was easy! The system helped me through each step, and while I am not a computer wiz, I was able to do my own taxes and submit them. Being retired, this is truly a wonderful fast, helpful and easy system to use.

3/10/2020 by Garry Spann

Just like you said fast and easy!

3/10/2020 by Azmere Coleman

Quick easy helpful great experience

3/10/2020 by Victoria Jones


3/10/2020 by Betty Morris

Very easy to use and will definitely use again and would recommend to others.

3/10/2020 by Roland Halverson

Quick and economical. Had my refund in about a week. Have been using eztax return for a few years. Will continue to use.

3/10/2020 by Dorothy Adams

Fast and Easy

3/10/2020 by AL

Like that it is easy and cheaper than most on-line services. But sometime the pages glitch and when trying to go back or check a different page you have to re-enter your login.

3/10/2020 by Richard

My return went quick and painless. My refund was more than I expected.

3/10/2020 by Freda Jackson

Very easy to use will use again!!

3/10/2020 by Gjane

I've been paying a tax consultant $150 a year. Paying just $19.95 for my state tax to be filed electronically saved me a chunck. Now that I'm retired with not a lot of deductions choosing the standard deduction was my best option making EZ File simple.

3/10/2020 by Steve T

First time at filing on-line because my tax situation is a bit more complex. However, I found the process to be extremely easy and straight-forward using eZTaxReturn. Will definitely be using again next year.

3/10/2020 by David

Super, straight forward, clear, easy to use. I'll be back next season to file again. Used twice so far.

3/10/2020 by J. Pulley

Fast, easy, and affordable.

3/10/2020 by Mike

Easy to use

3/10/2020 by Hal Kaser

quick, easy, fast returns, reasonable price.

3/10/2020 by Christy

Best tax site I've used so far since 2018. "click on" definitions are very helpful, response time is good, and site is EZ !

3/10/2020 by Carolyn

EZ says it all.

3/10/2020 by JP

Very affordable for my 1st time using it. Can my refund earlier than expected!

3/10/2020 by John Kemp

I read the great reviews and thought I would try it. A lot of people said that my refund would get to me faster. Well it's taken longer than if I would have done a paper return. It's been over a month and I still haven't received anything. Makes me wonder if there's a mistake somewhere. I wouldn't do this again.

3/10/2020 by Njoku Chid

Am grateful as eztax return was fast and easy to do federal and states taxes.

3/10/2020 by Mike Campbell

Was very easy to complete and file my 2019 return. The way filing your tax return should be. Allowed me to receive my refund in 2 1/2 weeks, nice.

3/10/2020 by Patsy Irvine

Much easier than the others I tried.I was very, very satisfied

3/10/2020 by Tim S

Quick and easy to understand.

3/11/2020 by Raymond

You are simply the BEST!

3/11/2020 by Dave

Fast and easy. I would use again.

3/11/2020 by Azalee Turner

Very easy. Great way to file.

3/11/2020 by Simone

I have used many efiling apps yet this is far more the easiest

3/11/2020 by Betty Wynn

I have been using ezTaxReturn for several years now. I like that it is free to file the federal tax and is very easy to use. This year I decided to also file my state taxes using eztaxreturn. It was so much quicker than me trying to do on my own. I highly recommend using this site!

3/11/2020 by David Montez

Easy peesy pie. So easy and quick.

3/11/2020 by Mike Carrier

Easy to use but a little overpriced.

3/11/2020 by ES

I find your site easy to use and when I have questions, I get prompt responses. It would be nice to have the option of contacting a person via phone.

3/11/2020 by Donna

Super easy! All questions answered and very helpful!

3/11/2020 by PatriciaMcMichael

I was very happy with this service

3/11/2020 by Kathy

Tried Turbo. It was confusing & expensive. Thank you for being honest & upfront. Nice to be led through the IRS forms with you doing the math!

3/11/2020 by Toya

I would recommend everyone to file with EZ Tax return. The process was fast and simple.

3/11/2020 by Mary Le Clair

Filing was simple and worth doing every year now.

3/11/2020 by Kevin

first time using eztax and it was simple, I only have w2s so it is simple, got my refunds very quickly

3/11/2020 by J Wallace

Fast, easy and free. Began my 2019 on the Turbo tax website, however Turbo tax was telling me that in order to complete a specific aspect of my return there would be a $60.00 charge which in the end because there was also a state return turned into $120.00. I started a new return on eztax and did not encounter the same issue. Highly recommend.

3/11/2020 by Eileen A. Larry

I was happy with the service-the instructions were easy to follow and received my return with no problems. Thank you, Eileen A. Larry

3/11/2020 by Carmen

Was very quick and easy , I've used other returns but this was so helpful through the whole process I will use again

3/11/2020 by John S

Consistently happy with ezTaxReturn, website is excellent and a question I submitted this year was responded to quickly.

3/12/2020 by Dennis R Balue

This was our 2nd year using ezTaxReturn. Very easy to follow and no more stress! Thank You!

3/12/2020 by Lindawerntz

Needed to ask many questions. Staff responded in a very timely and caring way. You have a great help team.

3/12/2020 by Rosa Prince

My first time using your services and it was easy and fast love it . Will use it again

3/12/2020 by Z Dossey

Fast service with easy to use program. Short review = outstanding power point presentation

3/12/2020 by Diana

The system was very easy to follow and easy to exit and return to. I loved eztax

3/12/2020 by ANa

Went well

3/12/2020 by Kelly

I use ezTaxReturn every year and I am always happy with the swift and easy filing process. I'm a loyal customer!

3/12/2020 by Dave Pitterle

I have used this service for many years, That alone makes it easier most of my stuff is the same so it's on file and saves me time. Love this eztax system. Federal and state done at the same time. Just got my refund.....

3/12/2020 by Hal

Been using you guys for 5 years and so far, no worries, no stress and no problems just fast refunds! Keep up the good work!

3/12/2020 by Sal Calabro

Have been using ezTaxReturn for years. They make tax time much less stressful.

3/12/2020 by Angelika

I have been using this service for several years and am very happy, its easy to use

3/12/2020 by Tom & Aprelle Rawski

This is the 3rd or 4th year using ezTaxReturn... does not take long and asks the right questions and pulling up the forms... hopefully, we'll be using you again next year!

3/13/2020 by Hussam

Easy to file tax with eztax. Continues support till you get your refund.

3/13/2020 by Tyler Long

This is the first time I used exTaxReturn, I though it was very easy and relatively simple way to do my taxes.

3/13/2020 by Janice Nivens

This is a great service, easy to navigate, very affordable!

3/13/2020 by Charles Russell

Quick & East to fill out, amend & File. Filing early, I received my refund within days.

3/13/2020 by Robin Broughton

Very easy to use and price was great. No more Turbo Tax for me!!!

3/13/2020 by Linda

Filing was so easy and my refund arrived quickly.

3/13/2020 by Nathan Henry

Quick, cheap and easy.

3/13/2020 by Mary-Frances Stone

ezTaxReturn is exactly that! Very easy, inexpensive, and I love the prompts. However, this year a comparison sheet wasn't generated?

3/13/2020 by Nancy

easy, cheaper than the program I used to use, very satisfied

3/14/2020 by Brittany Hilton

Fantastic. Easiest tax filing I've ever done. It was quick and painless - and way better than Turbo Tax. Thank you! Will definitely use this again next year.

3/14/2020 by Monte

Loved it and its easy

3/14/2020 by Tyrone

Fast easy doing my taxes and i even got my return way before I expected

3/14/2020 by Martha G Bowen

This was my first time to use your service, and I found it to be very user friendly. My return was submitted on Feb. 29 and refund was in my account in two weeks! I will definitely be using your service next year.

3/14/2020 by Ray Oswald

I've used your system for more than 6 yrs, explanations were always easy to understand and have never had any problems.

3/14/2020 by B. Cole

Easy to use and prompt responses to questions about entering info. Price is right too!

3/15/2020 by Mark Vega

It was great everything was done just fine. I could have started earlier. Just had personal problems at home. All good.

3/16/2020 by Sonsiere Osaze

Very easy to use. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

3/16/2020 by rossb

This was the first time I used EZ. I have used 3 other e-file services including the IRS service. EZ was simple to use, clear, and fast. I filed early but they sent my return on the earliest filing date and I quickly received my refund in about 14 days. I'm planning on using EZ next year. rossb

3/17/2020 by Christine

I found this website very user friendly and it's extremely easy to understand and make sure you're completing your taxes correctly. I've used it for all 3 of my young adult kids and I'm getting ready to start processing their returns soon. Highly recommend!

3/17/2020 by William Peay

Yes this was our first time and it was fast and easy

3/17/2020 by Nancy Mahoney

This site was very user friendly. Easy to follow & like the way you can stop & finish another day if you need to without losing what you have. Thank you for providing this service!

3/18/2020 by Herbert

Great service

3/19/2020 by Donald

easy to follow guide to complete your taxes

3/19/2020 by Brian Ezell

I have used this since 2014. I love the step by step guides and the fact that you can file both federal and state at the same time as well as download your tax returns as PDFs.

3/19/2020 by Brad Lockard

got our money fast and accurate!!!

3/19/2020 by Tracy

Easy, easy, easy. Step by step instructions that are very user friendly. I would recommend this to everyone.

3/21/2020 by Denise Bale

Unbelievably easy and accurate!

3/22/2020 by Lee B

We been using ezTaxReturn for about 5 years easy and quick we love it so far

3/23/2020 by Rebrecca

I always use your service, worked for IRS as CET-Correspondent Examination technician. Started in 1984, the last 16 years I was a CET, helping taxpayers solve their tax problems. I retired in 2015 after 31 years, I had already started with your tax preparation after finding your company on the website and even though at first I would do my taxes before hand I just needed them e-filed. After retirement I stayed with you because your an honest tax preparers and I will stay with you.

3/23/2020 by Sherman Vines

Excellent service for doing your taxes on-line and will use them in the future.

3/24/2020 by Guy Heller

Simple filing but does not automatically update capital loss info and no input on form for tax paid to another State. I had to refile an amended form and send it by USPS mail. Otherwise, simple tax filing is very good.

3/24/2020 by Kim

Very easy!

3/26/2020 by Emilio

Great service

3/27/2020 by Mary & Edward Kirwan

Very easy to us and no cost.

3/27/2020 by Lou

I absolutely love this sight... Every year for ten years I have used these services with no complaints!

3/19/2020 by Patrick G

I was extremely satisfied with ezTaxReturn.

3/19/2020 by Mary

It never came

3/29/2020 by Mitch

Great Service

3/31/2020 by akyce

Very fast and efficient

4/8/2020 by Laura Jolan

I waited until my refund came before submitting an excellent review! You guys gave me the biggest refund I've ever gotten! See you next year!

4/13/2020 by Chester Kiska

Very pleased with your service. The software was accurate and nice to see your service was free, even for my return which had multiple forms and schedules. Will use again next year. Thankyou!

4/16/2020 by Carl Stepp

It was fast and easy. Everything was covered on my somewhat complicated return. Federal was free and only 19.95 for my state return. Thank you!

4/18/2020 by Kenneth

Possibly the best tax preparation service I used in years. I will be a loyal customer for as long as I have to file tax returns. Thanks for the great group of people.

4/21/2020 by Bailey

Quick and easy!

4/24/2020 by Ronda


4/25/2020 by Robbin Groom

I had never filed on line before. I am extremely happy with ezTaxReturn! They held my hand and walked me through the whole process! I am a sold customer and will do this again next year 2021! One thing that made me very comfortable is that I found you on the IRS.Gov site and it was on their recommendation that I chose you! That alone made the choice much easier to use your service!! Thank You again for all your help!

5/5/2020 by William Rankins

Great experience.

6/5/2020 by Karen

Very easy to use and saves me money. I could not do my return without all the help.

6/12/2020 by Helen

Great job, will use again.

10/29/2020 by Janet

Just like it says: exTaxReturn.

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